White Chocolate

White Chocolate is Sam Evans name as a male stripper. The name is only revealed once in a small scene where Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson attempt to recruit Sam back into New Directions for upcoming sectionals.

[edit] Season Three

In Hold on to Sixteen, Sam's appearance as White Chocolate is introduced when Rachel and Finn find him in order to recruit him back into the team. Upon entering the bar, Finn's curious about the multitude of women and atmosphere of being a bar. Rachel calms his nerves by saying things could simply be different here.

Two men are called on to stage and Rachel immediately realizes that they're in a male stripper bar. Finn still hasn't discovered this, yet, and Rachel appears worried as the third stripper is announced.

White Chocolate, as given by his white skin and sexiness, appears on stage and Finn and Rachel see their friend. Sam Evans, begin to strip on stage. Rachel gets a dollar and offers it to Sam who realizes it's Rachel and goes off stage.

Sam admits that his job is degrading, but he needs the money for his family and the job pays really well. He admits that his family is unaware, but that the pay is unmatchable. Finn and Rachel plead with him to live his life like a normal high school student and return to William McKinley High School where he can rejoin New Directions.

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