West Side Story

West Side Story is a very popular Broadway Production that is referenced and referred to many times throughout the show Glee. In Season Three the musical is even physically brought into the show when William McKinley High School decides to host it as their school's musical.


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Throughout the show Glee, the famous broadway musical, West Side Story, has made several appearances.

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[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

In I Am Unicorn (46) it is revealed that the production of West Side Story will be coming to McKinley High School. Rachel, ecstatic to get the lead role jumps in to audition but is told to sing Somewhere, an obvious Maria-like song, by her biological mother, Shelby Corcoran.

When Kurt Hummel decides to get the lead male role, the judges, Coach Beiste, Artie Abrams and Emma Pillsberry tell him that Tony, the lead male role, is a masculine figure of whom Kurt just doesn't portray. Furious by this, Kurt attempts to appear more masculine. He later learns that his boyfriend, Blaine Anderson, tried out for the role and that the judges loved him. Though initially getting angry at the fact that his boyfriend took his place, Kurt soons forgives him because Burt Hummel talks Kurt into being who he is. Kurt even takes flowers to the sympathetic Blaine, telling him that the judges would be crazy if they didn't pick him. It is later learned that Blaine did in fact get the role while Kurt opted for a lesser role, Officer Krumpke.

In Asian F (E47), Mercedes Jones becomes enraged with how many solo's Rachel Berry is receiving and decides to express the true talent that she has; she tried out for the role of Maria, too. Despite the judges agreeing that Rachel was the initial go-to for Maria, Mercedes rose to the occassion and clearly demonstrated the qualities of the role. Because of this, Artie decides to hold a Maria-off to which the judges eventually rule it as a tie, granting the both of them the role. Mercedes grows even more frustrated with this and gives Rachel the role. She later quits New Directions, too, and joins The Troubletones.

Meanwhile, Mike Chang gets into an argument with his father because of his "slacking" grade in Chemistry, an A-. His father tells him to quit the musical and to focus on more important things. Mike, at first, is very depressed, but when Tina Cohen-Chang tells him that Mike only truly shines when he dances, he is immediately revived. When practicing in the dance room, Mike sees a vision of his father trying to pull him down, but another vision of Tina appears and picks him back up. His mother walks into the room and tells Mike that he needs to be the person he wants to be, not the person his father wants him to be. She tells him that he should try out for the role he's been working so hard on and that the both of them will tell his father together. When Mike arrives to his audition late and announces his aspiration of being Riff, the judges feel uneasy and tell him that it's a singing role, too. He says he knows and performs the song Cool by West Side Story and hits the judges with a curveball. They're thoroughly impressed with his improved vocals and are extremely proud of what he did. He later gets the role as Riff. When performing the actual musical, though, his father isn't present with his mother.

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