Vulnerability (TGP2)

Vulnerability is the third episode of The Glee Project season two. Finn Hudson, master of vulnerability, visits the kids in hopes of confiding tips that will help them express who they are.


[edit] The Homework Assignment

The Homework Assignment this week was to perform My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson. This week's mentor was none other than Finn Hudson, star role of Glee and the lead male voice. Finn confides in the kids to express who they are. Vulnerability can be a tough week because it compels the kids to dig into their deepest fears and display their true character.

[edit] Mentor

Finn Hudson, Cory Monteith, expresses surprise in the talent in the room and compliments them on their various attributes that he thought excelled in their performance of the Homework Assignment.

[edit] Winner

He tells Abraham Lim that his voice was fantastic but that he was reaching for emotion and, thus, appeared somewhat fake. Lily is told that her performance was good, but her pulling her hair back felt more sexy as opposed to vulnerable. Ally sounded terrific but should try to appear simple as opposed to always looking happy. Shanna was told that her performance looked very truthful.

In the end Nellie Veitenheimer was awarded the win for nailing the high note and presenting herself very honestly and vulnerably. Nellie is taught to be sensitive, something she feels awkward about. Nellie brings out the anniversary of her sister's death which Cory tells her to let fuel her emotions.

[edit] The Song

This week's theme pushes the kids to express what makes them an individual and to project that in hopes of showing Ryan that he or she can truthfully represent the group of people that said person feels he or she can represent. This week's video required no choreography, so in its place the kids were asked to reveal the times they witnessed or experienced bullying.

Tyler Ford expresses his feeling of isolation as a child; never being able to truly know who he was or how to explain himself to others. Shanna Henderson was bullied by other school girls about her mother being a crack-addict, thus making her a 'crack-baby'. Abraham Lim was constantly called a homosexual because of his womanly attributes which he associates with growing up with only women figures in his life. Blake Jenner says he was always bullied for being the short, skinny kid. He also confides in the group that he once witnessed a kid being bullied but that he did nothing in his power to stop it. Lily Mae Harrington tells the others that in middle school she was the bully, and when she finally realized what she was doing she called those she hurt and apologized.

During vocal rehearsals, Mario and Ally had troubles with presenting themselves with the emotional atmosphere and struggled to perform the notes they were given.

The only people criticized during the shoot were Lily, who could not lip synch, Ally, who could not present herself as being bullied, and Charlie, who took Mario's cane, an action that wasn't given and received as being unacceptable. Those that impressed the mentors were: Abraham, Nellie, Blake, who was described as the best actor on set, and Michael, who was told he was learning very quickly.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

When Zach, Robert and Nikki entered the room, Blake was immediately put on call backs for being the best actor during the week. Following him were Shanna, Michael, Aylin, Abraham and Tyler, who expressed immense joy for being his first week on immediate call back.

Nellie is told that she did not commit. She explains that she has a hard trouble getting intimate but is told that that is a necessity on the show. Lily was told that she needs to work on lip synching, regardless of her surrounding. Charlie didn't follow directions and was disrespectful in doing so. Ally was constantly perky, not a attribute looked for during this week and Mario's pitch was way under the desired pitch.

Singing for Ryan is Mario, Charlie and Lily.

Up first is Lily, hoping to show that her attitude and technical problems will not impede her further success. Ryan tells her that he sees her as being talented, sexy and sassy but that she is not an under dog. At the end of her performance, Lily breaks down in tears and begs to be allowed to show her talented side and that her wall put up is to protect her from this. Ryan is impressed with her vulnerability.

Up second is charlie for making odd choices as a bully. He performs a version of Fix you that he tweaks and impresses Ryan with. Ryan comments that, "this isn't god damn karaoke" and thanks Charlie for making bottom three so that Ryan could fall in love with him.

Lastly, Mario performs and is told that he presents a false appearance, which could be contributed to his blindness. Mario begs to show them his nicer side and that how they took his criticism wasn't meant to be snide or sassy in the least.

Ryan comments that this bottom three is the most intense yet, and decides not to send any of the contestants home but instead give them another week.

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