Vocal Adrenaline

Vocal Adrenaline is a rival Glee Club to New Directions, as well as one of the top Glee Clubs in the country. The majority of their members are antagonistic and arrogant towards everyone else that they interact with. Some of these members do it subconsciously, because that is the way they've been taught their entire life.


[edit] Biography

Vocal Adrenaline is a very strong team who is led by a very talented director, Shelby Corcoran, also mother to Rachel Berry.

[edit] Season One

In Season One of Glee, Vocal Adrenaline played a much larger role in the series. Jesse St. James, their star male performer, was almost always around in the show, as were his fellow performers.

They played the main rival to New Directions. During the New Directions' journey to Nationals, they were defeated on the Regionals step by Vocal Adrenaline. This Glee Club continued on to win Nationals for the fourth time (which means they have won Nationals every single time Jesse has been in their Club).

This was Jesse's last time in Vocal Adrenaline, as he graduated from the school.

In Pilot, Glee's first episode, Vocal Adrenaline is seen on New Directions' first field trip sponsored by Will Schuester. Will wanted to thank the kids for working so hard and award them with a first hand experience of what their competition would be like. Initially, Will assures the team that they're talent is beyond anything Vocal Adrenaline could posses. However, Vocal Adrenaline begins and every kid in New Directions is in disbelief because of how great they performed.

[edit] Season Two

In Season Two of Glee, Vocal Adrenaline played a smaller role that was still relatively large. They got a new coach (Dustin Goolsby), as well as a new star performer, Sunshine Corazon. Sunshine was supposed to go to McKinley High School and help New Directions, but Rachel Berry sent her to a crack house, so she transferred.

This time, they only actually appear after New Directions wins Regionals by beating the Dalton Academy Warblers. Jesse left, and Sunshine quickly became the strongest voice in the Glee Club. Despite Vocal Adrenaline's superiority, Rachel cheers on Sunshine to calm her stage fright in attempted for making up what she did to Sunshine earlier. It is possible that Jesse still worked as a spy however.

It is unknown if they won Nationals in New York this year, but they did get into the Top 10 Nationals Showcase.

[edit] Members

[edit] Former Members

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