Vitamin D (E6)

Vitamin D
Songs It's My Life/Confessions Part II
Halo/Walking on Sunshine
Date Aired October 7, 2009
Theme Preparation
Previous Episode The Rhodes Not Taken
Next Episode Throwdown

Vitamin D is the sixth episode in the Glee TV Series, as well as the sixth episode in Season One.

[edit] Plot

The episode begins with Mr. Schuester telling the Glee kids that their competition for Sectionals will be a school for the deaf and a prison academy. Believing that they will not have to work to win this competition, they begin slacking off, not trying at all. To remedy this, Mr. Schuester organizes a competition where boys and girls clash against each other in order to pick their song for Sectionals - by doing a mash-up.

Mr. Schue invites another teacher, Emma Pillsbury to help him judge the competition, because Rachel Berry states that his "gender makes him biased". However, because of this, Will's wife, Terri becomes jealous, and gets a job at William McKinley High School as an un-certified nurse to spy, with the help of Sue Sylvester. Terri quickly tells Emma's current boyfriend, Ken Tanaka, to propose to Emma.

Before he does however, Terri gives the boys some medication in order to wake them all up, and unknowingly help them win the sing-off in Glee. Doing this, the boys perform a mash-up of It's My Life and Confessions Part II, and they are immediately praised afterwards for their great work.

When Ken proposes to Emma, she thinks it over, and says yes. Before she tells Will, her current love interest, the girls had to perform. They did a mash-up of Halo and Walking on Sunshine, with the help of the medication given to them by the school nurse, and were praised in the same way the boys are. A real winner is not decided by the end of this episode, as after Will is told by Emma, she runs off to the other side of the hall, making it that they cannot come up with a verdict.

[edit] Songs Featured

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