Tina Cohen-Chang

Tina Cohen-Chang
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Jenna Ushkowitz as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Color black
Dating Mike Chang
Ex-Relationships Artie Abrams
Friends New Directions; Mike Chang Sr.; Julia Chang
First Appearance Pilot
Played By Jenna Ushkowitz

Tina is a shy student at William McKinley High School. Tina refers to herself as a goth. Despite being seen as a 'weird person', Tina takes pride in the attire she wears, and goes as far as scaring the principle off when he tried banning her style of clothing.

Tina likes to slip into the shadows of the hallways of this school, but not in Glee Club. Tina may stutter when she talks, but when she is singing, she is not at all shy.

As of Season Three, Tina has ditched her goth-attire for a more upbeat, colorful and old fashion style of dressing. Her constant smile and perky attitude hasn't left at all, though.


[edit] Biography

Tina Cohen-Chang as seen on the episode Glee.

[edit] Before the Show

Tina admits to her friend, Artie Abrams, that her stutter was a created device to allow herself comfort, especially when in front of crowds. This is because before Glee Club, she was frightened of being in front of a crowd.

She explains that displaying herself with a stutter allows kids to simply see her as a 'weird person' and leave her alone. This truth breaks Artie and her up, because he thought they both shared a visible defect that affected the way people saw them.

[edit] Season One

[edit] Pilot

Tina is first seen when she auditions for New Directions with the song I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry. It is evident that Tina has a stutter during this performance when she announes the song name. When she begins singing, however, her stutter immediately vanishes. Her stutter is later evident when she says, "we're d-d-doomed," after hearing Vocal Adrenaline's performance whilst at the Carmel High School field trip with the other New Directions kids. Tina's only other mention in the pilot episode is when Finn gives each a direction albeit Tina who he says they'll find a job for her. She assists in the performance of Don't Stop Believin' with back up vocals.

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

[edit] The Purple Piano Project

Tina Cohen-Chang is no longer goth, sporting attire different than her past, dark themed clothing.

[edit] Asian F

Tina is said to be a bad influence for Mike Chang by his father; she is keeping him from doing what is really important - his grades. Tina meets Mike in the locker room and asks if he'll be coming over for their daily practice for the school play. When Mike tells her that he's done with it, she encourages him to stand up to his dad and tell him what he really loves to do - dance. Mike sees Tina later in the episode when he day dreams and she further encourages him to continue dancing when she says that that's when he expresses himself. When Mike gets the part of Riff at the end of the episode Tina is very happy.

[edit] Pot O' Gold

Tina is seen crying because Mercedes Jones is no longer a part of the team. Santana Lopez tells her to suck it up, but Tina feels naked without Mercedes who is a "veteran Glee Club member." Tina happily joins in Last Friday Night sung by Blaine Anderson in hopes to endulge in what is hopefully a new beginning.

[edit] The First Time

Tina informs Rachel that her and Mike Chang had sex for the first time over summer. Rachel Berry is looking for advice with her and Finn and Tina says that if Finn is the right person then they'll know when the right time is, and it'll be one without regrets. Tina's advice is the only good advice Rachel hears.

[edit] Hold On To Sixteen

Tina confronts Mike Chang, her boyfriend, with applications for a dancing school. Mike admits to changing his mind and doing pre-med as to avoid separating his family. Tina calls him a coward and urges him to chase his dream, but Mike leaves her.

Tina decides to go to his father's office room and give him a bootleg version of Mike's performance, pleading with Mike Senior to give him a chance at his dream. Mike Sr. insists that this dream will not last forever and that he wants his son to do something that will set him up for life. Tina describes Mike's longing for dance like her longing to perform and that that's as real as anything there has ever been. She leaves asking Mike Sr. to honor his son's talent like he expects her to honor him.

Tina leads in ABC at Sectionals in Season Three as Mike Senior walks in to watch her and his son, Mike. At the end of the performance, he congratulates them and gives in to their dream; he promises to back his son up if this is truly what he wants. Tina says that she had already submited applications to dancing schools, the first step.

Near the end of the episode, Tina sings We Are Young with the rest of New Directions and greets Santana Lopez, Mercedes Jones, Brittany Pierce and Sugar Motta with a warm welcome.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Season One

In Season One Tina becomes close friends with Artie Abrams and even becomes his girlfriend through the series. Through their visible disabilities - Tina's stutter and Artie's wheelchair - Artie feels like they have a natural attraction to eachother.

Tina soon admits that her stutter is an artificial way of getting kids to leave her alone. Her fake handicap upsets Artie, forcing him to break the relationship up. Later the two get back together, though, and they share their second kiss.

In Season Two, Tina tells us that she broke up with Artie Abrams over the summer because of his being a bad boyfriend. During this time she also got together with Mike Chang.

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

During Season Three Tina is still dating Mike Chang and she describes their relationship as a healthy, happy one which she loves to be in. In The First Time, Tina tells the girls of New Directions that she lost her virginity to Mike Chang over the summer. She offers Rachel the only good advice by telling her that if she truly loves Finn that sex will come naturally and it won't be regretful; it'll be with someone she loves, thus being something very worth it.

Tina and Mike's relationship is the longest lasting relationship on the show.

[edit] Appearance

Tina's appearance is what makes her an individual. Despite Tina's usual happy-go-lucky personality, she wears attire referred to as "goth" or dark themed clothing. She usually uses accessories such as skulls or gauges to support her dark themed clothing, as well as dark colors such as red, blue, black and grey. She also applies highlights to her hair, changing it from the usual blue to red.

In season one Tina's attire is very Gothic looking, stemming from a possible rock - style that Tina enjoys.

In season two Tina changes her rock attire for a more feminine look on goth.

In season three it appears that Tina has abondonned her gothic style for a more quirky style of attire.

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