Theatricality (E20)

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In this episode, Principle Figgins attacks Tina Cohen-Chang because of her goth-themed attire. Hopeful to prove him wrong, Tina fights back in order to wear what she wants.

Furthemore, Finn Hudson's mother surprises him with a "welcome home" party where they announce that they're moving in with Kurt Hummel and his family. They also announce that he will be sharing a room with Kurt, which upsets him. Kurt, trying to prove Finn that he's a good roomate, decides to redecorate their room. Ultimately, he goes over the board and Finn erupts in fury and calls Kurt a "fag", killing his relationship with Kurt's father who tells them that they may need to move out.

Rachel Berry discovers while spying on Vocal Adrenaline that they're doing lady gaga songs. Will Schuester decides to do the same to express the members' feelings as well as finding a new look for Tina. The guys voice their opinion and request to do a Kiss song instead of a GaGa one.

However, Rachel realizes that the coach of Vocal Adreneline is actually her mother. Rachel's hope to reconnect with the mother she never had vanishes when she's told her chance has long fled and that they're chance had been missed. When Rachel's fathers couldn't make a costume for their GaGa song, though, her mother lends a helping hand.

Later, Finn is humiliated by his old football friends because of the "gay" theme that he's doing. Finn emotionally breaks and threatens to leave the club, but returns by the end of the show to support his friend, Kurt Hummel, by dressing up gaga-style and showing his old friends he's not afraid anymore.

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