The Sue Sylvester Shuffle (E33)

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Aired February 6, 2011, The Sue Sylvester Shuffle was made to represent the Super Bowl. On this episode, New Directions and the McKinley High School Football Team joined together in order to pull off a number during the Conference Championship football game, and the Cheerios went off to their Regional competition. This episode proves the true loyalty of some students, while it shows that others cannot stay loyal to anything.

[edit] Episode Synopsis

[edit] The Cheerios

When the episode starts out, we see the Cheerios performing their most dangerous routine yet. It includes, bikes, fire twirling, and ramps. All while in swimwear. However, at the end of this routine, Sue Sylvester doesn't seem impressed. She tells everybody that she is bored. Suddenly, Quinn begins to prove that Sue isn't impressed with anything if it doesn't entertain her, and that she's basically a huge hypocrite. Eventually, Sue agrees, and the Cheerios are given a break.

[edit] Featured Songs

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