The Rhodes Not Taken (E5)

The Rhodes Not Taken (E5)
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Episode 5, The Rhodes Not Taken (E5)
Aired September 23th, 2009
Directory Season One, Episode five

The Rhodes Not Taken (E5) is the fifth episode of Glee.

With Rachel Berry's defection from New Directions, director Will Schuester brings his old friend from highschool, April Rhodes (guest appearance from Kristin Chenoweth), to meet the kids.

[edit] Information

The scene begins with Will Schuester posting "Glee Club Invitational" posters in the hallway. The scene cuts to New Directions performing Don't Stop Believing, starring Finn Hudson and now Quinn Fabray due to Rachel's defection. During the performance, Quinn's vibrant smile drops when she hastily runs out the room, covering her mouth.

Kurt cuts in to tell the group that the song can't be done without Rachel. The rest of the kids agree, but Will assures them that Rachel is gone and that the song must be done with the people they have present. Finn talks to Will aside and asks if he can slim down Quinn's participation in hopes of not disturbing the baby. Will agrees and decides to give some of her parts to Tina instead. When Will asks Finn if it's a good idea to bring the idea up with his mom, Finn immediately assures Will that he has it under control.

Will and Terri are eating at Breadstix when Will discusses Quinn's status as being pregnant. Will expresses concern for Terri who is not going through the same symptoms, but she tells him that while at work she does. The waiter comes to take another order from Terri, who is trying to put on weight in hopes of appearing pregnant, when Will notices him to be an old student of his. The waiter tells him that he now goes to Carmel High and is a member of Vocal Adrenaline, New Directions' rival. When Will points out the fact that he's 24-years-old, the waiter tells him that he is purposely failed as to repeat senior year and remain on the team. "I'm the only one who can do the triple flip," he says.

Finn Hudson talks to Emma Pillsbury in her office. She says she's taken a special interest in him and wants to help him through his problems. When Finn asks if she knows about his personal life, she denies the knowledge and instead encourages him to pursue a scholarship in music rather than sports, an option much easier to obtain.

Finn goes off to talk Rachel into rejoining Glee because of Emma's talk. Finn is purposely flirtatious with Rachel in hopes of getting her back into New Directions.

Will Schuester has Emma pull back old documents on April Rhodes, an old student that Will used to have a crush on. April, says Will, used to be the best singer McKinley High's Glee Club has ever seen. Emma warns him about the problems that could occur, but with Rachel gone, Will needs another star, and because of April's lacking credits to graduate, she is eligible. Will arrives at a house that April is squatting at, or pretending to be hers. When a real estate agent arrives and kicks her out, Will offers her a chance to get her credits back and join glee club. April agrees.

When April is introduced to the Glee Club, the kids don't believe that she can perform on par to Rachel. A scene where Rachel and April sing Maybe This Time individually occurs where the scene changes from April in the choir room and Rachel in the audotorium.

April has problems while in school with alcohol. Will tells her that the Glee kids aren't sure if her being in the club is a good idea and asks if she can win them over. April takes this advice to give the kids alcohol and advice to steal. The kids are immediately won over and Will smiles to see them so happy with her (though unaware of her methods).

Finn helps Rachel go over lines and attempts to get her back into the glee club. Finn invites her to go bowling to relieve stress. April Rhodes walks in and introduces herself to Rachel. Rachel gets jealous when Will tells her to leave so that April can rehearse for the parts she was supposed to get.

Emma gets vomitted on by Kurt in the hallway and takes the oppurtunity to tell Will that she thinks it was April. Emma expresses concern about April's participation in the club. Emma asks him why he's doing what he's doing and what he's willing to sacrifice to get it.

Sandy Ryerson, the director of the play, compels Rachel into tears because of his constant insults. While in the bathroom, April witnesses the tears. Rachel tells her that April's attitude is innappropriate. April bathes in the confidence that she is the "biggest star" that she was once.

Finn's attempt at getting Rachel back into Glee Club

While at the bowling alley, Finn teaches Rachel how to bowl. April and Will are also at the bowling alley. Will asks April to stop encouraging them to make bad decisions or to leave the club. April promises him that she will, from this day forward, stop abusing drugs. Will tells April that his one regret of high school was that he never got to sing with her. April brings Will on to the bowling alley's small stage and they perform Heart together, completing one of Will's dreams.

Finn talks Rachel into rejoining glee club before she throws a strike and kisses him. Finn talks Rachel into quitting the play.

The kids of glee club spread rumours about Quinn's recent absence and morning sickness. Noah is the one to finally break the news to them that she may be pregnant. Rachel storms in and announces her reappearance but is given no enthusiasm. The kids break the news to Rachel who becomes upset.

Finn drops off an application to Emma for music and smiles as he walks down the hallway. "Finn!" Rachel yells, slapping him when he turns around. Rachel tells him that she feels like a fool for falling for him and that she's extremely upset with him. Finn wants a music scholarship so that he can get to college so that he can take care of his future son. He knows he lied to her but he promises the kiss was real.

Rachel confronts Sue about the director of the play, Sandy Ryerson. Sue agrees and gives Rachel full control over the play.

Will comes into the choir room while the kids practice for the invitational, the first time they'll be performing for a live audience. April emerges, fully drunken. Emma is upset with Will's motives and actions to reach them, but he knows that if he takes April out, the kids won't be able to perform. New Directions perform Last Name with April Rhode despite her being drunk. April is given a standing ovation while a very upset-looking Rachel watches from the back of the room.

Will grabs April before going back out on the stage and doesn't allow her to go back out on the stage. April admits to loving the standing ovation but that the other kids in New Directions deserve the spotlight - her chances are over. April tells him that she'll find somewhere to stay and walks off.

New Directions' performance of Somebody To Love

Will breaks the news of her departure to the kids. The kids feel upset that the second act won't be able to go on without April, but Rachel emerges from the door and decides that being their friends is more important than having fame. Finn is the first to have Rachel's back, with Will soon to follow. The kids perform Somebody To Love with Rachel as their new star lead.

[edit] Songs Featured

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