The Purple Piano Project (E45)

The Purple Piano Project
The Purple Piano Project.jpg
Rachel singing in the first episode of Season Three
Aired September 20, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 1

The Purple Piano Project is the season three premiere aired on September 20, 2011.

[edit] Information

In this episode, Sam Evans, Lauren Zises and Santana Lopez all leave the Glee Club for various reasons; Sam's dad got a job outside the state, Lauren can't take the under-appreciated aura of the club, and Santana was asked to leave by Will Schuester until she can learn to play on one team fairly.

In this episode, Will Schuester randomly places Purple Pianos around the school in hopes of inspiring others to participate in the Glee Club. When a current member of the club sees one of these pianos, they must instantly break out into song, thus advertising the meaning of song and dance throughout the school - a way to, hopefully, acquire some new members! Sue Sylvester, however, gets in between the pianos and suggests that they interfere with school environment, breaking one and getting Santana to break another. The last one, unfortunately placed, is found by the club in the lunch room. After regretfully playing a song, the group of kids are bombarded with food in a good 'ol, classic food fight. The glee club's attempt at getting more members fails, however, as only one very untalented girl auditions and, against his will, Will turns her down.

Due to the rejection of joining New Directions, Sugar Motta's rich father hires Shelby Corcoran, Rachel Berry's mother and old New Directions' rival, to train her in the way of singing. Shelby's easy pay and revisit to her home town, friends, Rachel and her daughter sway her to take the job and become a staff member at McKinley High School.

Sugar, a new character, is introduced in this episode.
Harmony and other various NYADA kids sing Anything Goes \ Anything You Can Do.

Meanwhile, Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel are in search for a New York college that specializes in the arts. When the two are told by Emma Pillsberry to attend a local meeting by those also curious, the two decide to go! When entering, they are met by Lindsay Pearce, among others, who act and sing on par (if not better) than them! They both leave ashamed for thinking that they had what it took to make it outside of high school.

Blaine Anderson also joins the Glee Club this year, as he transfers to see Kurt more. He tells Kurt that he can't stand being away from the one he loves after Kurt worryingly suggests that his transfer solely for Kurt may interrupt their relationship.
Blaine transfers to McKinley High and sings It's Not Unusual as his introduction

In this episode Quinn Fabray's new appearance is introduced; she sports a new red hair, piercings and tattoos and has left the glee club, claiming that she has more important things that she must go through.

Quinn's new look as of Season Three

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