The First Time (E49)

The First Time
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Episode 49 of Glee, The First Time
Aired November 8th, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 5

The First Time was broadcasted on November 8th, 2011, and is the forty-ninth episode overall.

[edit] Information

Artie strolls down the hallway and admits to his new passion for directing. He thinks he's found his new love for bossing people around, and he's shown rejecting Rachel Berry's outfit request for an outfit she doesn't approve of.

Rachel and Blaine Anderson, the two leads in the play, sing . Artie Abrams tells them that the play and song itself are about sexual awakening, but that neither of them display those feelings through their performances. He uses his example of how much he felt like a man when he had sex with Brittany Pierce and that the two should dive into their own experiences and use that for motivation. Upon asking what their experiences are like, though, both admit that they are virgins and are waiting for the proper time. As a friend, Artie tells them he supports the decision; as an artist, however, Artie would like them to be able to use experience as motivation in the play.

Rachel and Finn are in the hallway applying campaign posters to the hallways. Rachel asks Finn who he will be voting for, and he confesses that he is not yet sure: both his step brother and girlfriend are in the running, and he knows how much the campaign means to the both of them. Rachel persuades him with a kiss, and tells him that the play, campaign and her awesome boyfriend, himself, are giving her an edge.

Finn tells Rachel that the recruiter for Ohio State will be attending his game on friday to confirm him as quarterback, and the two become ecstatic over the thought of both of their dreams coming true: Rachel becoming the performer she always hoped to be and Finn playing football. Finn tells Rachel that his mom, Carole Hudson-Hummel and his step-dad, Burt Hummel, will be away campaigning for Burt's election. This means that his house will be unattended for the remainder of the week, and that if she came over they'd be alone. Rachel gives it thought and agrees to come over at six o'clock that night.

Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel are at Blaine's house talking about sex and if he's sexual appealing. Blaine tells him that they're both highschool kids and, yes, they have urges, but that he wants Kurt to feel safe.

Artie asks Coach Beiste if she's ever lost her virginity to which she admits to not have done in her life. She tells him that she does like guys, but that she hasn't found the right person. Upon investigation, she also tells Artie that there is one fellow coach that she likes, but he does not feel the same way.

Back at Dalton Academy, Blaine makes an appearance and walks in on the Dalton Academy Warblers singing Uptown Girl with their french teacher who happens to be strolling by at the time. He can't but smile at the old, warm atmosphere that the school radiates, and the group of boys invite him to join the dancing and singing. Blaine tells them that they kille it, as always, and they ask him to rejoin. He tells them that he's come only to invite them to West Side Story, McKinley's latest production. He tells them that he reserved a whole block just for the group and that he'd love to join. They happily agree to join.

Blaine's left with Sebastion Smythe, a new face at Dalton Academy and the kid who pulled Blaine into the performance. Sebation immediately notices Blaine and his former glory at Dalton Academy, and asks why he left. Blaine pushes the question aside by simply stating, "let's just say McKyiley's where my heart's at."

Immediately West Side Story is presented in a scene where Santana Lopez is singing A Boy Like That with Rachel Berry. The scene flashes from West Side Story to Blaine and Sebastion's conversation. As Rachel sings "I Have A Love", the screen returns to Blaine and Sebastion just as Sebastion leaves. Sebastions requests to talk to Blaine again sometime to which Blaine accepts, but not without wondering what Sebastion's intentions are.

Puck and Finn are in the locker room. Finn asks Puck for an extra condom, as Puck's had experience, but Puck tells him he's never used one and that it's worked for him 99% of the time. Just then Coach Beiste calls the locker room full of guys to gather around her. She introduces the boys to Cooter Menkins, Ohio's scout for football. Cooter flirtily asks whether or not Coach Beiste is wearing new tube socks to which she says she has extras if he ever needs them. He announces that he'll be watching them perform with close observations; he's not looking for boys, he's looking for men.

Kurt tells Blaine that he should feel free to tear down any of Rachel Berry's campaign posters while Blaine's getting something from his locker. Blaine asks Kurt if, as artists, their too sheltered. He ponders over the image of being more adventurous and brave. Kurt agrees to the thought and shows Blaine his bucket list. Kurt blushes at the thought of his embarassing bucket list, but Blaine tells him that it's hot, not embarassing. Kurt says that they're both young and have plenty of time to be adventurous, but Blaine suggests that they should be adventurous now before walking off. Kurt rubs a finger up one of his hands, suggesting his thought on the two of them proceeding in their relationship's sex life.

Artie asks Cooter to come into his office, the audotorium. He asks whether or not Cooter likes Coach Beiste. Cooter admits to having asked her out on numerous occassions, but he tells him that she keeps rejecting him. Upon perseverence, Artie gets Cooter to agree to ask one more time, and Artie supplies the perfect location to have the date.

Blaine Anderson and Sebastion Smythe are getting coffee. Sebastion's order gets Blaine to laugh, and Sebastion tells him that he used to drink it in Paris. Blaine tells him that he's "out there", and Sebastion says that Blaine's "schoolboy" thing is hot. Blaine tells Sebastion that he has a boyfriend, but Sebastion continues flirting with him by accepting that he has a boyfriend and doesn't mind if Blaine doesn't, either. Blaine tells him that Kurt's a really good guy and that he'd hate to hurt him just as Kurt arrives, asking what they're talking about. Kurt extends a hand to greet Sebastion, asking how they met. Sebastion's fantasies of Dalton academy take the better hold of him and he goes off about how Blaine used to be Dalton's star. Kurt slips a hand underneath Blaine's, trying to get Sebastion jealous. Sebastion asks them what they're doing tomorrow night to which they reply that they're going to rehearsal and then talking on the phone. Sebastion suggests that he gets them fake I.D.'s and that they go to Scandels, a gay bar. Sebastion jokingly tells them that he met the man of his dreams last time and that they should live a little. Blaine kindly refuses the offer, but Kurt persuades him to try it out because he wants to cross things off his bucket list.

Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry are having dinner at Finn's house, to which they have a toast on having no fighting for the last four months. Finn asks if he should make dessert, but Rachel asks if they can instead snuggle by the fire. Finn tells her that he's brought protection, and she tells him that she has too. He asks why right now is the right time, and she tells him that it's because she loves him and that she needs to get it done before opening night. Finn, feeling hurt, asks if she's doing it out of love or out of the desire to perform better. Finn steps up to go make dessert, leaving Rachel alone by the fire.

Mike Chang storms into the hallway, asking why Mike didn't tell him about the play. He tells him that he overheard his mother talking about it over the phone and that he needs to quit the play for the aspiration of becoming a doctor. Mike denies the route of what his father wants him to be, agreeing to pay his way through college and do whatever it takes to become a professional dancer. His father tells him that he can no longer be his son to which Mike says, "I guess I don't have a dad anymore."

Coach Beiste is benching in the locker room. Cooter comes in and offers her flowers. Shannon tells him that she's not sick, her usual response to his request at a romance. Annoyed by her sheltering, Cooter forces her to put the weights down, and he asks if they can go on a real date - where she dresses up like a lady and he dresses up like a gentleman. Coach Beiste asks if someone put him up to this because he's the kind of man that any girl would want, but she's not a pretty girl. He tells her that he does not just date girls; he dates woman, in particular, her. He gives her the flowers and tells her that their date is for friday after the game.

In the celibacy club, Rachel admits to her oppurtunity of almost getting intimate with Finn, and she asks the club for help. Tina Cohen-Chang and Brittany Pierce tell her that her ambitions to simply become a better actress through this shouldn't be why she's doing it and that what she did was a bad thing. Quinn truthfully tells Rachel that through experience she'd offer the advice to simply wait. Santana Lopez agrees to the group's surprise, but her witty insults take hold of her as she tells Rachel that Finn's horrible in bed. Rachel takes the advice from the groups and decides to wait. Tina offers her advice just as Rachel is sure, telling her that her experience was great because it was with someone she loved. Tina's advice is the only advice that helps Rachel in her decision.

Suddenly the scene is intertwined with Rachel singing to Santana in West Side Story. The song's meaning seems to reflect Rachel's decision about getting intimate with Finn -she's ready.

Blaine and Kurt enter Scandels, the gay bar in town. They're worried about their fake I.D.'s, but they get in safe. They find Sebastion at the bar, and he offers them drinks. Blaine and Sebastion walk off to dance while Kurt stays at the bar and jealously stares at the two having fun.

David Karofsky then makes an entrance, saying, "I guess you lost your boyfriend". Dave confesses to just wanting a normal year without his football friends starting rumors about him. He likes it at the bar because they accept him there, calling him "bear cub". Kurt tells him that he's all for Dave being who he wants to be as long as he stops beating people up. "Right now I'm just trying to get through higschool," Dave tells him, and they make a toast to baby steps. Just then Kurt gets up and dances with Blaine, kicking Sebastian out of the picture.

When getting into the car, Blaine appears to be intoxicated, but he assures Kurt that he only had one drink. Kurt makes Blaine sit in the backseat, and Blaine pulls Kurt into the car with him, telling him to "just do it". Kurt appears very uncomfortable and tries to resist Blaine's attempt at pulling him further into the car. Kurt gets out, accussing Blaine of dancing with another guy. Blaine decides to walk home, sarcastically apologising for being "spontaneous and fun".

Rachel Berry and Blaine Anderson are applying make-up and the finishing touches for the West Side Story play that they're about to perform. Rachel tells Blaine that his Maria has failed him and that she is still a viring; Blaine tells her that he, too, has failed. Rachel says that she'd rather quit the play than continue on and give the audience a false representation, but Artie comes in announcing that they're live in five minutes.

Arti's preparing the last minute touches and making sure everything's in place when his vision becomes blurred. Emma Pillsberry comes in to make sure he's feeling alright. Artie Abrams tells her that he's been lying his way through the show; he isn't ready for being a director and he was pretending he knew what he was doing the whole time. He points out that the cast, outfits and staging is all wrong, but Emma assures him that it's perfect. Tina asks him to talk just before the show, Artie's way of seeing mutiny, and Puck tells Artie that they have a problem. Suddenly Santana Lopez enters, with flowers, and the cast thanks Artie for all the hard work he's put into the play and how he led them to making the play perfect. Artie, surprised that he did his job right, begins to tell them a personal story.

Artie tells them that being in a chair makes it hard for one to feel grown up. He says that everyone's always doing things for him, telling him what to do. He admits that the way they (the cast of West Side Story) treated him as a director, the way they listened and followed directions made him feel like a man for the first time in his life. He calls a group huddle and Puck leads a chant to begin the play.

The scene changes quickly to a brief clip of Finn, clothed, in the shower, banging on the walls. The scene then changes back to the showing of West Side Story. Tina Cohen-Chang, Rory Flanagan, Blaine Anderson, Noah Puckerman, Kurt Hummel and a few other Glee kids perform the play that Will Schuester calls "the best play William McKinley High School's ever had! Santana leads the song during the America scene, and Coach Beiste, Cooter, Emma and Will are all in the audience, sitting closely together and cheering the production on.

During the next scene, Mike Chang and Quinn Fabray enter from the steps of the autotorium, representing the americans. Before Mike goes back stage he smiles at his proud mother, but it quickly vanishes when he notices the empty seat beside her.

Backstage Blaine asks how Tony and Maria, as virgins, they're supposed to follow that scene. Rachel tells him that Tony and Maria are soulmates who, against all odds, are together, and she knows how to relate to that. Blaine can relate to that, too, and the two head on stage for their performance.

Suddenly Blaine's shown dancing in slow motion practicing a move that he messed up during the play instead of out celebrating with the rest of the group. Kurt tells him that he did perfect, and Blaine tells Kurt that his Officer Krumpt was perfect, too. Blaine calls Kurt over to him, places his hand on Kurt's heart and promises that Sebastion means nothing to him. He also agrees that he was drunk and their first time shouldn't be like that. Blaine kisses Kurt and Kurt says that he takes his breath away and that he's proud to be with him. Blaine suggests that the two of them go to Artie's after party at Breadstix, but Kurt doesn't want to - instead, he asks to go to Blaine's house.

Rachel Berry, dressed in all pink, knocks on Finn's door. She tells him she got her flowers and that they were beautiful. Finn lets Rachel in and she asks why he isn't with the others. Finn tells her that the recruiter didn't like him; the recruiter liked Shane. He told Finn that, "just because your football carreer ends in high school doesn't mean your life does". Finn breaks down and screams at Rachel, telling her that he's not good enough to get a scholarship and that he's stuck in their town forever. Rachel tries calming him down by telling him that she needs to find another dream and that he's a perfect person. She asks to give him something that no one else can, and fFinn slips his arm down her back.

The scene then changes to Rachel and Blaine during the West Side Story production as they sing One Hand, One Heart. The scene changes from the play to both of their sexual interactions the previous night, and with the experience they perform better than expected.

[edit] Songs

  • Tonight from West Side Story - Rachel and Blaine.
  • Uptown Girl by Billy Joel - Nick, Sebastian and Thad with Dalton Academy Warblers.
  • A Boy Like That from West Side Story - Rachel and Santana.
  • America from West Side Story - Santana, Tina, Mike, Puck and Rory.
  • One Hand, One Heart from West Side Story - Rachel and Blaine.

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