Terri Schuester

Teri Schuester

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Played By Jessalyn Gilsig
First Appearance Pilot
Currently Dating N/A

Terri Schuester is first introduced as the wife of Will Schuester, but is later divorced due to her lies and unbearable personality. She often complains to Will that "she's not the girl he used to know," hinting that she wasn't always like this. She met Will in highschool and the two have been together since (until their divorce).


[edit] Biography

[edit] Before the Show

Before the Glee Club entered her life, Teri worked at Sheets-n-things as a manager, pulling an average sallary. Because of this, she forced Will to find a better paying job than a teacher, so she can spend more money, her true love. When Will fell in love with the Glee Club, he refused to change jobs, and Teri claims that this is the reason for their falling apart; Will's time was devoted to the Glee Club, not making money.

Spotting their falling apart, Teri realizes she's pregnant and tells Will who is ecstatic and spends more time with her. When she finds out it was a false result, she pretends to remain pregnant because she likes how Will treats her while thinking she has his baby. She plans to adopt Quinn Fabray's baby, but her plans don't go as she hoped. Will found out, and they broke up.

[edit] Season One

In Pilot, Terri Schuester is introduced when Will Schuester, her husband, requests to spend some of their money on the New Directions. Terri is portrayed as a very naggy woman who wants Will to take a job as an accountant to provide more money for their family-to-be. Will points out that Terri's obsession with crafts is spending more money than he is, though, and she quickly defends herself with excuses. Later in the episode, Terri is seen at Sheets'n'Things working for pay and complaining that they still don't have enough money and that she has to deal with the people there while Will is perfectly capable of getting a higher salary. It is very clear that their marriage is faulty even this early in the season.

However, later in the episode Terri tells Will that she is pregnant with his baby, a task that they've been trying to make happen. Will becomes ecstatic and the two embrace in a time that they haven't felt since their high school year's.

[edit] Season Two

In Season 2, Terri is seen in Britney/Brittany (E24), telling Will that they will get back together, when Will sorts himself out.

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