Tenacity (TGP)

In Tenacity, the sixth episode of The Glee Project, contenders were faced with the challenge of being tenacious, being a strong - physically and mentally - person. Members were put up against the challenge of being slushied, a familiar and very popular feature in the Glee show itself. Members were forced to continue the music video shoot while having cold, sticky slushie thrown all over them. Most members faced the challenge with tenacity while others couldn't quite pull it off.


[edit] The Homework Assignment

This week's homework assignment was to act tenacious while playing La Roux's Bulletproof.

[edit] Mentor

In this episode's Homework Assignment, contenders were faced with a daunting task - impressing Glee's Max Adler, the bully football player. As the guest judge, Max was looking for tough and tenacious members who were willing to take a risk. During the song, however, he told them to stop and redo it while doing something crazy. In response, the members threw chairs - Marissa being the first to do so - and banged around the room in hopes of winning the challenge.

[edit] Winner

Because of her risk while singing the song, Marissa von Bleicken was awarded the win - for the second time in a row! Her stunning voice, glaring eyes and chair-kicking favored Max Adler into getting herself the win and a one on one session with Max himself. During this, Max practiced throwing slushies at her in hopes of getting her prepared for the music video.

[edit] The Song

In this episode, the cast was challenged with the mash-up of Vanilla Ice and Under Pressure - appropriately named Ice Ice Baby.

The shoot had the kids continue singing despite freezing slushies being projected into their face, clothes and eyes. Many of the kids continued despite these conditions, hoping to appear tenacious. In this music video Hannah displays her ability to affectively rap despite her struggle in the recording room.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

When announcing the final three, the audience was informed that these three were those most uncomfortable with the slushies. Cameron was an obvious contendor because he was the only one to call cut during a scene. Alex, similarly, couldn't act like he usually does. Likewise again, Marissa was deemed "not as electric".

The three showed extreme tenacity during the last performances of this week's episode, but unfortanately Marissa was asked to leave. Alex, showing his flexibility and interest with female roles, dressed himself as a woman and performed the part. Cameron sung his own song and showed his Christianity and warm side. In the end, these two brought their best and were better equipped with future roles while Marissa, though her talent was obvious, wasn't suited for the show.

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