Sugar Motta

Sugar Motta
Sugar Motta.png

Vanessa Lengies as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Hair Color brown
Dating Rory Flanagan
Ex-Relationships Artie Abrams
Family Al Motta
Friends New Directions
First Appearance The Purple Piano Project
Played By Vanessa Langies

Sugar Motta is a Season Three character who was introduced in the first episode of said season. Sugar is a spoiled young girl born into a rich family and thus is used to getting things done the way she wants. Despite her belief in her musical talent, Sugar is known for her horrendous singing ability. She is, however, evidently skilled in dancing.

Sugar Motta is portrayed by Vanessa Lengies.


[edit] Biography

Sugar Motta becomes a student at William McKinley High School at the start of the 2011-2012 school year. She comes from a very wealthy family and her dad owns a music store. In the first episode of Season Three, her first appearance, her father, Al Motta, donates pianos to the school. He also donates money to hire Shelby Corcoran as a second choir teacher who would ideally make Sugar the star.

[edit] Season Three

[edit] The Purple Piano Project

Sugar's audition to New Directions
Sugar's first appearance, Sugar is inspired by the Glee Club and asks to join by singing Big Spender. She tells New Directions that she's better than all of them, but her vocals are horrid and have Rachel Berry convincing Will that if they accept her she'll just ruin their chances of winning sectionals. Despite Will's sorrow over denying a kid, he does, to which Sugar throws imprecations at him. She says she has Asperger's Syndrome and can say what she wants because of it.

[edit] I Am Unicorn

Sugar convinces her father, Al Motta, to pay Shelby Corcoran as a second choir teacher at the school so that she can be the star. Her father agrees and Shelby becomes the choir teacher of the club later known as The Troubletones.

[edit] Pot O' Gold

Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez join her team after Mercedes joins. Sugar expresses her happiness to the group that she now has back up singers, but Santana rejects her and says that she will be a back up dancer and sing as quietly as possible, giving the real stars the oppurtunity to shine. Sugar agrees and says that she just wants to be a part of a winning team for once.

[edit] Mash Off

Sugar sings with the rest of The Troubletones when facing off against New Directions.

[edit] I Kissed A Girl

Sugar defends Santana and her battle with her sexuality by singing girl-related songs with the rest of The Troubletones and New Directions. She takes part in I Kissed A Girl when Santana is being picked on by a fellow student at their school.

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