Sue Sylvester

Sue Sylvester
Played By Jane Lynch
First Appearance Pilot
Currently Dating

In charge of the William McKinley High School cheerleading squad, the Cheerios, Sue is very full of herself, and has made it her mission in the past to ruin the Glee club in any way possible. She is always seen wearing a track suit.

Money for the Glee Club comes out of her own cheerleading budget, which, while she has more than enough money for her squad, irritates her greatly. She takes great pleasure in tormenting the Glee Club members, and especially their teacher Mr. Schuester. Her typical insults to him include saying he has a 'butt chin', and making fun of his hair in any way possible.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Before the Show

Sue's evil heart can be forgiven at times due to her past. Sue's parents were irresponsible and left her alone with her mentally disabled sister, Jean Sylvester, whom Sue fell in love with. Sue's only real love throughout the show, other than winning chearleading events and tormeneting the Glee Club, is her sister. She is seen going to the caretaking house that hospitilizes her sister to read books to her and to talk. Likewise, her sister's idol is Sue, and she loves Sue more than anything in the world.

Sue, during the first season, allows a mentally handicap student into her Cheerios team. At first, Will Schuester thought it was to torture the girl, but was soon proved wrong as Sue treated her like her sister.

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