Special Education (E31)

New Directions is headed to Sectionals again, but this time, thanks to a talk with Emma, Will has chosen Quinn and Sam to be the singing leads, and Brittany and Mike to be the dancing leads. This, of course, upsets Rachel as well as the other members of the Glee club because they believe they should be showcasing their best members at Sectionals. To make matters worse, Santana reveals to Rachel that she and Finn had sex a year prior, putting Rachel and Finn's relationship on the rocks.

Meanwhile at Dalton Academy, Kurt is fitting in very well thanks to the Zero Tolerance policy the school enforces. However, their Glee club, the Warblers, is not exactly what he had in mind.

Despite the tension in the group back at McKinley High, they still have to go to Sectionals, and face off against the Hipsters as well as the Warblers, with their newest addition, a good friend of New Directions, Kurt Hummel.

[edit] Songs Featured

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