Sister Christian

Sister Christian
Sister Christian.png
Glee's rendition of "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger
Type Cover Song
Artist Night Ranger
Released September 13, 2012
Episode The New Rachel
Sung By Brody Weston

Sister Christian is a song originally performed by Night Ranger but is covered by Glee in their season four premiere, The New Rachel. Brody Weston's first appearance is singing this song while taking a shower.

Rachel Berry's nightly rituals at 3:00am runs her into the junior, Brody Weston, at NYADA. Brody is the third male singer to be introduced into Glee through singing in the shower. Rachel grins at the naked Brody who emerges from the shower but returns to her rituals when they meet eye contact.

[edit] Lyrics


Sister Christian,
Oh the time has come,
And you know that you're the only one,
To say okay,
Where you going,
What you looking for,
You know those boys,
Don't want to play no more with you,
It's true,
You're motoring,
What's your price for flight.

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