Showmance (E2)

Episode 2
Aired September 9th, 2009
Directory Season One, Episode 2

Showmance is the second episode to be aired on the television show, Glee!

Will Schuester finds out that he must recruit more members for New Directions, in order to go to Sectionals. Then the Glee Club has their first performance in front of the whole school. This leads Quinn Fabray to realize that Rachel has feelings for Finn making her go through great lengths to make sure nothing happens between them. Meanwhile, Will's wife, Terri, receives some unexpected news!

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Will Schuester drives into school with his old, beat up car and is greeted by several enthusiastic New Directions members. Rachel Berry confronts him about songs she had found in the library that would focus on her being lead vocal just as Finn Hudson takes her backpack, asking if he can help her with her things. Mercedes Jones, Tina Cohen-Chang and Artie Abrams are also practicing their notes in the parking lot as Mr. Schuester walks by. Mr Schuester passes Kurt Hummel just before he's thrown into the dumpster and tells the kids to have a good day. Kurt throws his bag down and announces that, "one day you'll (Noah Puckerman and his fellow football players) all work for me!"

Emma Pillsbury is hiding behind a pillar in the hallway and times when Will will pass her. She purposely runs into him, acting as if it were an accident, so as to initiate a conversation. Will thanks her for keeping him at the school and helping him with staying with what he truly loves, and she tells him it's her job to do it. Santana Lopez and Quinn Fabray pass the two of them, yelling, "get a room!" and telling Will that Sue Sylvester, the Cheerios coach, wants to see him.

Will enters Sue's office as she's working out on her treadmill. Sue tells Will that while at the library, she came upon a "Choir Rule Book" stating the rules to qualify at regionals. She points at that Will only has five and a half kids, Artie being referred to as the 'half', and that he will not be able to qualify and thus have to shut his club down. Sue offers him an assistant job on her Cheerios team, but Will declines and promises her that New Directions will show at Regionals.

Quinn Fabray scolds her boyfriend, Finn Hudson, for joining Glee Club and giving them, the two most popular kids at the school, a bad name. She goes as far as to offer a "touch over the bra", but Finn refuses because he enjoys the club. When he leaves, Quinn confronts Rachel for a "girl's talk" and assures her that she can sing and dance with Finn but that she will never have him. Rachel promises that she's an honorable woman and that Quinn needs to deal with her and Finn’s new connection. Just as she turns to walk away, several football kids throw a slushy at her.

In the choir room, New Directions practices singing Le Freak by Chic. Rachel Berry, as a dance moves, kicks into the air and almost hits Mercedes Jones. Stopping the song in complaint, she threatens Rachel that she will cut her if she does it again and that the song sucks. Will tries to calm them down by keeping with the song because they need to perform it in front of the school on Friday. Each kid in the group immediately complains that their social lives will be destroyed if that's the case. Will tells them that Le Freak won him Nationals when he was a kid and that this performance is vital for recruiting more kids. Finn Hudson shakes his head, mumbling, "I'm dead!"

Terri Schuester and Will are talking with a realtor about a house that they could potentially buy. Terri barrages the woman with questions about details such as Christmas trees in the backyard, etc. while Will ponders over how he's already going to be buying a house for his future family. A flashback occurs to when Terri's sister, Kendra, and her insanely crazy triplets came over for brunch. Kendra refuses Terri to let her daughter live in the apartment they have and that construction is happening near her house that both her and Will should check out. While touring the house, Will knows it's too expensive but falls victim to Terri's constant nagging until he decides to take on an extra job to pay the difference.

Will enters the choir room with music by Kanye, Gold Digger, to which the kids grow excited. He tells them that they're still doing disco at the assembly but that this will help them practice. Will gives Finn the solo and walks him through how to pull it off. The scene flashes back from the kids singing to Terri planning out how she's going to fix up their new house.

Emma Pillsbury gets out of the bathroom when she hears Rachel Berry attempting to throw up. She takes Rachel back to her office and asks her why she wants to be skinnier. Rachel admits to being jealous over Quinn Fabray's body and that, "she loves somebody so much she wants to lock herself up her room with sad music and cry." Emma tells Rachel that she hasn't ever felt that way, but the scene shows a flashback of Emma in her car crying over Will. Emma tells Rachel to admit her feelings but Rachel says he doesn't even notice her. Emma then tells Rachel that common interests is what sparks romance and that Rachel should try looking into what he likes.

Rachel and Finn are next seen in Principal Figgins' office with Sue Sylvester and Will Schuester. Sue declares that the two did a crime, but Rachel tells Will that all they did was use her copy machine to print out New Directions advertisements in hopes to achieve what the rally on Friday would have otherwise. Will talks Figgins out of getting them in trouble but makes the two of them perform on Friday. Rachel asks if they can practice after school, but Finn kindly denies it because he has a meeting at Celibacy Club.

Will and Terri sit in their bath tub when Will tells her he won't have enough salary to afford the furniture and house that she wants, but that they can still sustain enough for a comfortable life. Terri erupts and demands that she get a 'break' for once and that his obsession with helping kids that don't care about him is a stupid one. The next day Will asks Principal Figgins if he can work a janitorial position for half salary the next day. Later Will is working after school when Emma finds him in his janitor costume and embarrasses him because he's ashamed. She promises to keep it between them and helps him out with cleaning the classroom. Will immediately observes her OCD with messes and asks if he can help her with it. Emma initially denies her having a problem but then tells Will that when she was a girl her brother pushed her into a dairy farm and that she hasn't gotten over the smell.

Rachel Berry joins the Celibacy Club and watches as the kids ironically practice anything but being celibate. When the group performs a simulation game, Rachel claims that the idea is stupid and that the only way to survive sex is to be prepared - not deny it all together.

Rachel Berry calls a New Directions meeting without Will Schuester. Rachel says that during the assembly they're not going to perform Le Freak but instead a song about 'sex', a topic that high school students want. Will announces the beginning of Push It. The song angers Will and confuses the crowd with its vulgarity. The audience gives them a standing ovation at the end, though.

In Figgins’ office Sue and Figigns’ scold Will that the performance was vulgar and inappropriate. Figgins says that the kids are good, however, and need to follow a list of songs prescribed to them. Will angrily gives Rachel the list and, despite him knowing why she did it, he doesn't respect how she did it.

Ken Tanaka, the football coach, confronts Emma about the possibility of her 'being his'. She denies it though, and Ken admits to seeing her 'playing house' with a married man [Will Schuester] after hours and that it's a bad idea to be a rebounder. Later in the show Emma rejects a date with Will to go out with Ken instead despite her love for Will.

Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry are practicing in the auditorium when they take a break and Finn kisses Rachel. He leaves and asks her not to tell anyone about it.

Terri Schuester goes to the clinic and asks whether her baby is a boy or girl. The doctor tells her that she's having a hysterical pregnancy, meaning she wants a baby so bad that her body is mimicking the symptoms. Terri is not actually pregnant.

Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce perform I Say a Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick to audition for Glee Club despite Will's surprise at their willingness to join. Their desire to join is really only Sue's account in order to spy on the group and Quinn's hopes to keep an eye on Finn and Rachel.

Will returns home to Terri greeting him with a cooked dinner and romantic candle light. Will thanks Terri and tells her that his motivation is family. A frightened Terri accidentally tells Will that he will be having a boy. A very excited Will hugs Terri as she throws away the idea of getting the extra house and making him work extra.

Rachel Berry is astonished by Will giving the next solo to Quinn Fabray and not her. Will promises her that he will do his best to make sure she always has fun but that she will not always be the star; she needs to let others have a chance at the limelight. The scene cuts to Rachel singing Take a Bow with Tina and Mercedes.

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