Shelby Corcoran

Shelby Corcoran
Idina Menzel as seen in Glee
Played By Idina Menzel
Occupation Former Vocal Adrenaline Director; The Troubletones Director
First Appearance Hell-O
Currently Dating Kissed Noah Puckerman


[edit] Biography

Shelby is the former director of Vocal Adrenaline, mother of Beth Corcoran and current director of The Troubletones.

[edit] Season One

[edit] Season Two

Shelby Corcoran did not appear in any episodes of Season Two, but she was mentioned in Rachel Berry's Original song.

[edit] Season Three

Shelby Corcoran returns to the show as William McKinley High School's director of The Troubletones, a second Glee Club made possible by the generous donation of Al Motta, Sugar Motta's, a untalented singer who desires attention, father. Shelby reappears in I Am Unicorn, promising Will that she will not take any of his kids or interfere with his club. Her revisit to the school will get her in a better relationship with Rachel, better take care of Beth Corcoran, her daughter, and be close to both Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman, the real parents of Beth.

Though Shelby promised not to interfere with Will's club, she indirectly attracts Mercedes Jones, Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce through the message of an all - girls group who doesn't signal any single person out. Will understands that it isn't Shelby's fault, be he envies her new talent that was once his.

Shelby first appears in Season Three during I Am Unicorn when Al Motta donates money for his daughter to be the star of a second choir group, Shelby's. She is portrayed in this season as a hardworking mother who is trying to provide the best life for her daughter, Beth. Quinn and Noah, Beth's biological parents, support Shelby and ask if they can babysit Beth so that Shelby can have a night to herself. When a worried Shelby finally agrees, Quinn plants false evidence in Shelby's apartment so that Child Protective Services can take her away and give Quinn her baby back. The next day Shelby offers Noah a pool serving job at her apartment complex and he gets the job. Noah comes by later and thanks Shelby. Before leavin Noah kisses Shelby who kisses him back.

During Mash Off, Noah tries to woe Shelby by flirting with her and telling her that he's the one for him. Shelby's embarrassed of what she did and is not yet ready to go public with such a younger relationship. She admires Noah's relationship with Beth and his ability to calm her down with his song. She shares that not having a person to share these moments with is hard and having Noah there is a good thing. Noah finally tells Shelby what Quinn did.

During I Kissed A Girl, Shelby calls Noah during class becuase Beth fell and bit through her lip, leaving blood everywhere. Noah makes sure that Beth's stitches are done right and he makes Shelby feel comfortable. Shelby can't resist and we soon see them in bed, assuming it's right after they slept together. Shelby's ashamed of herself and sends a very angry Noah away. Noah goes over to Quinn's house and tells her a secret that gets cut out before we can hear. It's probably about his relationship with Shelby.

In Hold On To Sixteen, Shelby's choir, The Troubletones, is beaten and the group disbands.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Season One

[edit] Season Two

Shelby was not present in Season Two and thus had no known relationships with anyone.

[edit] Season Three

During Season Three, Shelby's presence with Noah Puckerman becomes a very common thing, as he enjoys spending time with his daughter, Beth. Noah and Quinn babysit Beth on occassion, and when Quinn attempted at frauding Shelby as a bad mother to get Beth back, Noah informed Shelby. Shelby admits that the joy of watching a child grow is the best feeling in the world, but if she had someone to share it with it'd be twice as enjoyable. Noah soon becomes a common man figure in her life, coming to her house to help with Beth. Shelby's loneliness persuades her to lean in and give Noah a kiss, sealing his love for her. She, however, is not yet ready to commit to someone still in High School.

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