Sexuality (TGP2)

Sexuality (TGP2) is the fourth episode of The Glee Project season two. This episode pushes the kids to discover their true sexuality and open themselves to what they love. This week becomes particularly difficult for the bashful members, as they very noticeably become awkward during the scenes. Glee, being a high school themed television show, however, features the idea of sex quite frequently and the cast needs to be comfortable with the topic. Thus, the theme fits perfectly into what the kids will be seeing if they win season two.


[edit] The Homework Assignment

This week's homework assignment is I Wanna Sex You Up by Callin' Me Bad. This week's mentor was Santana Lopez, a role in Glee who takes pride in her sexuality. Santana says, "less is more" and that confidence is the key.

During their performance, the cast used chairs in hopes of appearing sexy.

[edit] Mentor

Santana Lopez starts with Blake who she says is visually appealing and is at his best when he is playful. She turns to Aylin and says that she was trying to hard. She compliments Charlie on his beat boxing, admitting she finds it sexy, and loved how hard he was trying. Nellie is told that she was a little nervous.

In the end she chooses Charlie as the homework assignment winner. Santana tells him not to force it but to be himself. Santana told him to act like he's a lion.

[edit] Winner

Charlie Lubeck, for his beat boxing and his hard work throughout the homework assignment, achieved him a one-on-one session with Glee's Santana Lopez, arguably the most sex-related character on the show of Glee.

[edit] The Song

This week song is a mash Up of Moves like Jagger by Maroon Five and Milkshake. The performance will ideally show the kids' fun, thrilling and daring side while simultaneously introducing them into a prominent theme on Glee.

During Choreography, Shanna is too perky to look romantic and Nellie is given a particular move in which she feels uncomfortable with.

During vocal recording, Nikki criticized Charlie for going against the original melody, but she complimented a particular part of the song that he performed well. Charlie turns and winks at the other contestants and clearly demonstrates being overly confident with himself which upsets the mentors. When Michael and Mario are in the booth, Michael loses focus and forces the lyrics.

During the shoot, Lily motivated herself to shine despite the spot light on Aylin and was given a positive response. Nellie, who initially struggled with being sexy, "was in the zone", delivering her lines very well. Tyler Ford struggled with the group performance. Abraham, with his red hair now gone, seems to shine his masculinity rather than the womanly attributes often associated with him. Charlie attempted to control what was happening and tried to take on the job of the director.

This week's mash up features a high school sex education class which turns into a boys versus girls "sexy-off".

[edit] Last Chance Performances

During call backs, Robert, Nikki and Zach bring out Nellie who was crept out. However, they praise her for being "the sexiest thing in the room" and put her on the call back list first.

Blake, Mario, Aylin, Abraham, Ali, and Lily were all called back.

Charlie, Shanna, Michael and Tyler were the last four. Tyler is told that he is on the right path but that he disappears in the big group. Michael is told that it was not his best week in the booth and that he was over thinking. Shanna failed to be sexy and that she can't always shine with happiness. Charlie's unprofessional attitude put him here.

In the end Charlie, Tyler, and Michael are on bottom three.

  • Charlie - I Get a Kick Out of You
  • Tyler - Smile
  • Michael - Lucky

Up first is Charlie for stepping on too many toes this week. Ryan agrees that Charlie is being unprofessional and that it is a job rather than high school. Zach says that Charlie's performance was the most entertaining but that they need him to be professional.

Up second is Tyler who doesn't pop as much as the other cast members. Ryan is proud of Tyler but that he has a problem with whether or not the others are better actresses.

Lastly, Michael is up to make up for the choke that he had in the recording booth. During his performance, however, his nerves got the better of him and he forgot his lines. Michael is complimented for star power and direction but that this far in the competition he can't stand in his own way.

In the end Tyler Ford was the one sent home.

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