Sebastian Smythe

Sebastion Smythe
Played By Grant Gustin
First Appearance The First Time
Current Crush Blaine Anderson

Sebastion Smythe is a character on Glee and is portrayed by the actor Grant Gustin. Sebastion is currently a Warbler, as shown by his first appearance in Season Three. Sebastion is also proudly homosexual, as seen by his desire for Blaine Anderson.

[edit] Season Three

Sebastion is first seen in The First Time when Blaine Anderson returns to Dalton Academy to invite them to his play, West Side Story, which William McKinley High School is hosting. Sebastion immediately shows an interest in the "Dalton Legend" and asks to talk to Sebastion after his performance in Uptown Girl, a song the Warblers sing as Blaine reenters their conference room for the first time since Season Two. Upon agreeing to talk to the new Warbler, Blaine soon learns of Sebastion's 'crush' on him. Sebastion is referred to as the "male Santana," hinting at his clear and blunt sexuality. Blaine is shown to be very uncomfortable, but he agrees to a second get together for the sake of talking to a fellow Warbler.

When Blaine meets Sebastion at Lima Bean the following day, Sebastion continues to attack him with flirty comments and sexual innuendo. Blaine finally admits to having a boyfriend and that he doesn't want this to go anywhere. Sebastion wittingly comments, "as long as you're fine with it, so am I!" Kurt Hummel unintentially walks in on their conversation and interrogates the new Warbler who's 'so fond' of Blaine, radiating obvious jealousy over the wild and spontaneous Sebastion. When Sebastion tells the two that they're boring and have a lame relationship, he suggests that they come to Scandels with him; that he'll make them fake I.D.'s and be able to safely enter the gay bar. Blaine rejects the offer, but attempting to be fun and spontaneous (most likely in response to his jealousy of Sebastion), Kurt accepts the invitation.

While at Scandels, Sebastion gets himself and Blaine a beer and offers a Shirley Temple to Kurt. Sebastion dances with Blaine while Kurt is left with Dave Karofsky who later makes an entrance. Sebastion's fun and exciting personality clearly makes Kurt jealous and angry at Blaine who's just trying to have fun. After the leave, Kurt erupts in anger at Blaine who decides to walk home. The two eventually make up and have sex, as suggested by the closing scene and title of the episode.

In Hold On To Sixteen, Sebastion flirtiously comments about how Blaine looks, with Kurt there. When Blaine leaves quickly to get more coffee, Kurt tells Sebastian that he does not like him. Sebastian agrees to it and says that the feeling is mutual. Sebastian promises Kurt that he will be the head singer at Dalton Academy and that Blaine will be his.

During Sectionals, Sebastian continues to give Blaine standing ovations, cheering him on in almost all of his parts.

[edit] Personality

Sebastion's personality is most relatable to Santana Lopez because of their obsession with sex and flirty personality. He is portrayed as a spontaneous and exciting character who attempts to intervene in Blaine and Kurt's relationship. Because of this, Kurt, along with most of the others who meet him, dislike Sebastion. In a way, however, his interference in a strong and loyal relationship can be forgiven due to his only cause being to have fun.

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