Location West Lima

Scandels is a gay bar located in West Lima, Ohio. It is introduced in The First Time, Season Three by the character Sebastion Smythe.

In The First Time, Sebastion Smythe, a spontaneous, flirty homosexual who's after Blaine Anderson, suggests that both Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel spice their love life up by going to Scandels, a gay bar not far from where they were. Blaine initially declines the offer, but a jealous Kurt attempts at being more spontaneous and takes the offer up, agreeing for the both of them. Sebastion informs them that they will both need Identification Cards, suggesting that the bar only submits people 21+, as Kurt is 18 years old.

While there, both Sebastion and Blaine dance together on the dance floor while Kurt drinks a Shirley Temple at the bar. Dave Karofsky makes an entrance and admits to being a common member of the bar because they accept him there. Dave's description of the bar defines it as being a very friendly and welcoming bar towards those that are homosexual.

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