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The following page is a synopsis of Santana Lopez as she is seen in Season Three of Glee.


[edit] Season Three

[edit] The Purple Piano Project

Santana Lopez is recruited as a co-captian on the Cheerios, McKinley's cheerleading team, alongside Becky Jackson; the two are disgusted at sharing the role, but they agree none the less. Sue Sylvester asks Santana if she'll help destroy the Purple Pianos around the school that Will Schuester put up to promote musicality. Santana happily agrees and decides to burn the Piano in the quad on fire. Her disobedience to New Directions has Will kicking her off the team to take a "break". Santana doesn't seem to be worried, telling the group that she needs a "break".

[edit] I Am Unicorn

Santana is applying Brittany's Unicorn posters to promote Kurt Hummel's presidency. When Kurt becomes too ashamed of how "gay" the posters are, he leaves Santana alone to put them up. Brittany appears sad that he didn't like them, but Santana assures her that the idea and theme is perfect; that Kurt isn't the unicorn, Brittany is. Brittany loves the sound of that and begins her own campaign as class president.

[edit] Asian F

Santana swears her allegiance to New Directions once again and rejoins the team. Santana also gains the role as Anita in the play West Side Story, an achievement she's very proud of.

[edit] Pot O' Gold

Santana defects to The Troubletones and leaves an impact on New Directions by getting Brittany Pierce to do the same. She is seen talking to Mercedes Jones early in the show about the possibility of defecting, as her solos are limited and outshone by Rachel Berry. Santana refuses to leave Brittany, though, telling Mercedes that Brittany needs protection. Mercedes simply suggests that she get Brittany to join, too.

At Breadstix, Santana asks Brittany if they're dating. Brittany wonders what going out to eat together was, assuring her that they're on a date. Brittany releases the fact that Rory Flanagan is a leprauchan and tells Santana that she has two more wishes, and that if her dating Santana affects her presidency, she can just wish it away. Santana asks Brittany for a wish: that she defects from New Directions to join her and Mercedes in The Troubletones. Brittany tells Santana that she'll think about it before holding Santana's - who hides it under a blanket - hands.

Santana's further decision to leave Glee happens when she notices the incline of "the Rachel and Blaine show". Blaine, attempting to get New Directions in a happy mood sings Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. The only one who doesn't join in on the song and dance is Santana who storms out claiming that it's all about Rachel and Blaine.

Santana meets Rory in the hallway at school, bullying him with her witty insults. She tells him that she knows of his little scheme; that he will stay away from Brittany if he knows what's good for him and that he will grant her one wish: to get Brittany to leave New Directions for The Troubletones. Rory eventually tells Brittany this and Brittany feels compelled to do as he says.

In the hallway Finn asks Brittany whether or not she's decided to leave to which she tells him that she has. Santana goes off on Finn's objection to their defection, claiming that Finn's just jealous of Blaine's ability to outshine him. Santana and Brittany leave Rory and Finn in the hallway.

Santana officially becomes a part of The Troubletones, as does Brittany. She's very evidently happy to be with an all female team that will give her the proper spotlight she deserves. She is seen singing with The Troubletones in Candyman.

[edit] The First Time

Santana is seen only a few times. She offers Rachel the worst advice for her problems with her virginity; she says that she shouldn't because Rachel will be her sloppy seconds and that Finn isn't good in bed, anyway.

[edit] Mash Off

Santana takes the competition of The Troubletones Mash Off with New directions too seriously, taunting members of New Directions, especially Finn. Finn challenges Santana to a dodgeball match which she happily agrees to.

During the dodgeball match Finn and Santana are left alone on the court. Santana easily knocks Finn to the floor and wins the match for her team. She, along with her team, bombards Rory Flanagan with dodgeballs until his nose bleeds and Kurt interferes to save him.

Shelby Corcoran hears of this news and asks her girls to win, not taunt the other team. Santana has an epiphany to which she agrees to be so nice that they won't know what to do with her. Ironically, her proposed apology to Finn Hudson takes a turn for the worse when she projects insults at him once again. Finn gets to angry that he tells her to "just come out of the closet already".

Sue Sylvester calls Santana into her office where both Burt Hummel and Will Schuester are. Sue tells Santana that a fellow runner in her campaign caught news of what Finn said in the hallway and that he plans to run a release an ad that will sabatoge Sue for electing a head cheerleader that's a lesbian. Santana runs out of the office crying because her parents don't even know and she's not ready to publicize it.

The episode ends with Santana blaming it on Finn and slapping him across the face.

[edit] I Kissed A Girl

Santana is focused on in the Glee Club as both New Directions and The Troubletones contribute all girl songs for her sexuality crisis. At first Santana objects the idea and continues to insult Finn, the one who's pushing for her coming out, but as the show progresses she opens up and grows accostumed to being proud about being a lesbian. She even tells her parents who, to her surprise, were completely ok with it. However, her Grandma, the woman Santana respects the most in the world, rejected Santana when she tried to tell her. Her grandma told her, "some things are better left a secret," and told Santana to leave her house and never come back. Santana cries but is later seen happy to have the friends she does - even if it means she has to lose those that don't love her for who she is.

[edit] Hold On To Sixteen

Santana first enters the choir room to greet Sam Evans and his recent reappearance to the show. She makes a comment about his large mouth and is given a hug despite it.

Santana is not seen again until her performance of Survivor/I Will Survive. Santana gets a significant amount of leads, an aspiration she had and the primary reason for defecting to The Troubletones. Despite their amazing performance, The Troubletones is not awarded the victory and Santana, Brittany, Mercedes and Sugar, the primary four members of The Troubletones, are asked to rejoin New Directions. During New Directions' victory song, We Are Young, Santana is the last one to be walked in to join the performance. Rachel Berry brings her over and the group embraces a group hug with their enhanced numbers.

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