Santana Lopez

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Santana Lopez
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Naya Rivera as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Female
Age 18
Hair Color black
Dating Brittany Pierce
Ex-Relationships Dave Karofsky (prom date); Sam Evans (ex-boyfriend); Noah Puckerman (ex-boyfriend, sexual, ended); Finn Hudson (sexual, ended); Wes Fahey (kissed once)
Family Maribel Lopez (Mother); Dr. Lopez (Father); Alma Lopez (Grandmother)
Friends New Directions; Cheerios
First Appearance Pilot
Played By Naya Rivera

Santana Lopez is a young student at McKinley High. She is the co-captain on the Cheerios alongside Becky Jackson, as well as a current member of New Directions and former member of The Troubletones, two Glee Clubs at McKinley. She lives in Lima Adjacent, which is a rough area of Lima, Ohio according to her.

Santana originally joined New Directions alongside her two best friends Quinn Fabray and Brittany Pierce in Season One due to Sue Sylvester's plan to sabatoge the new, growing choir-based club. When the three enjoy the group and learn to enjoy the members alongside it, however, they decide to join the group, spying aside. When Quinn's pregnancy in Season Two lands Santana the head cheerleader position, she is hastily taken off because of Quinn's knowledge of Santana's breast augmentation. Likewise, in Season Three, Santana is kicked out of New Directions for continuing her spying and internal destruction. Santana finally learns to work on both teams mutualistically. When her lesbian-orientation is outted in Season Three, Santana learns to cope with her anger and publicly announces her relationship with Brittany Pierce. Santana has since learned to be a better person. As of Season Four, Santana is no longer dating Brittany Pierce and is currently living with Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel in New York.


[edit] Biography

Like Quinn Fabray and Brittany Pierce, Santana joined the Glee Club solely to spy on them and impress Sue Sylvester, their cheerleading coach, who hates the Glee Club. She eventually sees the benefits of the Glee Club and stays, as does her two friends, Brittany and Quinn.

Santana's infamously known for most of the show's duration as the school's popular "bitch" who gets what she wants, becoming the epitome of a diva. Santana's cold-remarks and "bitchy" attitude, however, are eventually exposed when her sexual orientation - lesbian - is revealed later in Season Three. Santana becomes a very dedicated member to the New Directions and is currently an alumni, making appearances quite frequently to revisit old friends.

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