Samuel Larsen

Samuel Larsen
Joseph Hart.png
Samuel Larsen as seen on Glee
Age  19
Hometown  Los Angeles, California
Date Eliminated  N/A, Winner

Samuel Larsen was a contendor in season one of The Glee Project. He made it through every episode and was awarded one of two spots in a seven episode arc on the show Glee. Samuel was taken on to the show because of his mean, cool looks and fierce personality.


[edit] About

Throughout the show Samuel was considered to "have it". Ryan Murphy mentions once that the Glee Cast wants him on the show because he "has it", the "it-factor", but that he doesn't understand what that means. Simply put, Samuel was one of the true actors and singers on the show. He naturally had everything and was moderately talented in all aspects of the show, giving him an edge that others didn't have. He was always seen as one of the stronger characters on the cast.

Samuel's fierce personality took a plunge when Ryan announced that a confident, mean character may not be what he wanted. Samuel's religious side emerged when this happened, and he was forced to also seek out that innocent, loving person inside of him.

[edit] Songs Performed

Like everyone else who had been in the shows featuring these songs, Samuel played in Firework by Katy Perry, We're Not Going To Take It by Twisted Sister, Mad World by Michael Andrews, U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer, Nowadays by Chicago, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice and Under Pressure by Queen, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, The Only Exception by Paramore, Sing by My Chemical Romance, and Raise Your Glass by Pink. These were all of the group-oriented music videos in chronological order from the first episode to the last, as Samuel made it until the last episode and won.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

Though his last chance performances were few, Samuel's performances still deserve a mentioning.

  • Samuel didn't have a last chance performance until the eigth episode, Believability (TGP). Samuel performed Animal by Neon Trees.
  • In Generosity (TGP), Samuel played My Funny Valentine by Babes in Arms
  • In the last episode, Glee-Ality (TGP)), Samuel plays Jolene by Dolly Parton. This is Samuel's last performance on the show, and it wins him the seven episode arc!

[edit] Homework Assignments

Samuel's obvious talent landed him a few chances to win homework assignments and meet actual Glee Cast characters.

[edit] Elimination Date

Samuel was never eliminated on season one of The Glee Project; he won one of the two first place spots. When Ryan was announcing the winners, Samuel was utterly amazed when both Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell were told they did not win. Samuel, third in order, admittingly said he was nervous beyond telling. Ryan announces that he had been the winner, and his shaking body flew through the air in excitement!

Soon after Ryan also announced that Damien had won as well.

Contestant Elimination Date Episode
Bryce Ross-Johnson June 12, 2011 Individuality
Ellis Wylie June 19, 2011 Theatricality
Emily Vásquez June 26, 2011 Vulnerability
McKynleigh Abraham July 10, 2011 Dance Ability
Matheus Fernandes July 17, 2011 Pairability
Marissa von Bleicken July 24, 2011 Tenacity
Cameron Mitchell July 31, 2011 Sexuality
Hannah Mclalwain August 7, 2011 Believability
Samuel Larsen Winner Glee-ality
Lindsay Pearce Runner-Up Glee-ality
Damian McGinty Jr. Winner Glee-ality
Alex Newell Runner-Up Glee-ality

[edit] Glee

Because of his victory during The Glee Project, Samuel was awarded the role as Joseph Hart, a Christian character that, at first, will appear anything but Christian. Samuel's first appearance was Hearts where he is shown praying for the recent attempted suicide by Dave Karafsky and singing to raise money for The God Squad.

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