Sam Evans

Sam Evans
Sam Evans.jpg

Chord Overstreet as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Color blonde
Dating Mercedes Jones
Ex-Relationships Quinn Fabray
Family Dwight Evans (Father); Mary Evans (Mother); Stevie Evans (younger brother); Stacy Evans (younger sister)
Friends New Directions;
First Appearance Audition
Played By Chord Overstreet

Sam Evans is a member of the McKinley High Football team (as of season two), as well as a member of New Directions. His first appearance is in the episode Audition.

Sam's from a poor family with a "huge mouth", and he is degraded for this, reasons for him being in The Glee Club. Sam is also dyslexic.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Season Two

Sam first joined New Directions when Finn heard him singing in the shower, and recommended that he join the club. His audition song was Billionaire, a song he performed with flying colors and earned him the respect of the club. Though he's wary of joining the club at first, he's persuaded because of his amazing voice.

Later on, he developed a huge crush on Quinn. This was first seen in the Duets episode, where they performed Lucky together. The love triangle between Quin, Finn and him become a reoccurring conflict in Season Two. Sam's instant jump to fame earns him Quin's love, but struggles between the three have her swaying from guy to guy. Eventually, in the episode Furt, Sam "proposes" (with a fake ring and intentions of one day marrying her) to Quin, which she eventually takes. Sam also became the quarterback of the football team, provoking Finn even more.

While this may be lucky for some, he wasn't so lucky. Finn Hudson quickly became jealous, and he told Sam to let him call a play. Doing this, Finn broke Sam's shoulder. Finn's anger towards Sam eventually earned him his respect and charisma back, but not without earning Sam some, too. They eventually become friends again.

As of Comeback, Sam is dating Santana Lopez. When he found out Quinn cheated on him with Finn, he broke up with her and went for Santana.

In the episode Rumours, New Directions learns that Sam is living in a motel due to the limited money that his family owns. Contrary to the original plan from when they were moving into the city, Sam's dad did not get the job that he had come for. He did have it once, but he was laid off due to budget cuts. This results in Quinn and Kurt coming over in order to help his family. Initially, the glee club learns this and thinks that Sam is romantically involved with the two. When they push the line too far and invade Sam's privacy, he admits to having little money and that Quin was helping watch his little siblings and Kurt was helping him with clothing.

[edit] Season Three

During season three it is announced that Sam's father was offered a job out of state and that Sam had to move away, leaving Glee with one less member.

[edit] Hold on to Sixteen

When Finn Hudson realizes that to win Sectionals, New Directions needs fire power, he asks Will Schuester if he can find and recruit Sam Evans back on the team. With Rachel by his side, they find a bar which, at first, Finn thinks is the wrong location. It is soon revealed that Sam Evans, to support his family's low income, has become a male stripper for money. Rachel hands Sam a dollar and, realizing it is her, brings them back stage to talk. Sam admits to feeling ashamed of his job but that the income is unmatchable. After much debating, Finn and Rachel convince him that he needs to live high school like a normal kid again and that he should return back to Ohio for at least Sectionals. Upon talking to his parents, they allow Sam to stay at Finn's house while in Ohio.

Sam makes an appearance and the kids in New Directions greet him with joy. He performs Red Solo Cup when he returns.

Later in the show when Will Schuester is helping the kids perform dance moves, Sam interrupts and tells them the one thing that will get them the win over The Troubletones: sex appeal. Blaine Anderson finds the comment to be rude and disgusting and the two engage in insults before Will breaks it up.

During Sectionals Sam smiles at Mercedes despite her being on the other team, showing his clear affection after their 'summer fling'.

[edit] Extraordinary Merry Christmas

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Sam comes to Rory Flanagan's, a new student at William McKinley High School, rescue when he drops his books. Sam peaks into his locker and sees the photographs of his home back in Ireland and Sam admits that being away from home is a difficult thing to do. Sam asks Rory if he'd like to spend Christmas with the Evans' and Rory kindly agrees.

During the planning of the christmas themed show, Artie Abrams expresses an interest in representing the jolly-natured feeling celebrated about Christmas. Sam Evans argues that Christmas should be represented also by the sad times, because they are what also define the good ones. When Artie disagrees and instead plans to film solely happy scenes, Sam leaves the audotorium.

Instead of film the show with Artie and the others, Sam, accomponied by Quinn Fabray, volunteers at the homeless shelter. To his happiness, the others make it in time and they sing and feed the homeless. After their songs, Sam and Rory are on the side of the street as santas, trying to earn some money. Rachel and Finn approach the two and put in the money they spent on their gifts - which they have now returned - and tell them that the money could not have been spent better. They take bells themselves and join along in being santas, agreeing that this Christmas was the best yet.

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