Rumours (E41)

Songs Dreams
Never Going Back Again
I Don't Want To Know
Go Your Own Way
Don't Stop
Date Aired May 3, 2011
Theme Cruelty
Previous Episode Born This Way (E40)
Next Episode Prom Queen (E42)

Rumours is an episode that focuses on the many relationships of the members in the New Directions Glee Club. There are also rumors spread around in the school newspaper, started by Sue Sylvester, who tells the journalists to go around and make scandals in the school, focused specifically on New Directions and Mr. Schuester.

During this episode, many things occur around one of the Glee Club's main characters, Sam Evans. He is rumored to be in a cheating relationship with both Quinn Fabray and Kurt Hummel when he is seen at a motel with the two of them at separate times on two different nights. It is eventually figured out by New Directions co-captains Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry (through interrogation) that Sam's father had recently lost his job, which meant they needed to move into the motel. Because of this, Quinn helped Sam babysit his younger siblings, and Kurt donated some of his old clothes to him. In order to help, all of New Directions pooled money together and bought him a brand new guitar, as he had to sell his old one to assist his family's financial situation.

Brittany creates a web show in this episode (placed on Youtube) called Fondue For Two, where she invites guests to speak to her about subjects that she decides are controversial. The guests on her first show are Mercedes Jones and Tina Cohen-Chang. Her guest is supposed to be Santana Lopez in the second episode of Fondue For Two, but for unknown reasons, Santana does not appear. They had planned to confess their love for each other on this episode as well, and Brittany was going to ask Santana to prom. However, she had her cat, Lord Tubbington, replace Santana in this episode as a last-minute guest.

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