Rory Flanagan

Rory Flanagan
Rory Flanagan.jpg

Damian McGinty Jr. as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Male
Age 15-16
Hair Color dark brown
Dating Sugar Motta
Ex-Relationships Brittany Pierce (crush)
Family Unnamed mother; Unnamed father
Friends New Directions;
First Appearance Pot O' Gold
Played By Damian McGinty Jr.

Rory Flanagan is a character introduced in Season Three of Glee; he is portrayed by Damian McGinty Jr., a winner of The Glee Project, a show dedicated to finding a new character for Glee's upcoming season. Damian won a seven - episode appearance and the character Rory Flannagan.

Rory Flanagan is an irish exchange student who's visiting William McKinley High School and staying at Brittany Pierce's house.

As of Season Four, Rory is not present.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Season One

Rory was not present in Season One.

[edit] Season Two

Rory was not present in Season Two.

[edit] Season Three

[edit] Pot O' Gold

Rory, with a thick accent and vague idea of what America really is, moves into Brittany Pearce's house as a foreign exchange student. Brittany thinks that because Rory is irish and tends to dress in green, that he is a leprauchan. Rory goes along with this plan because Brittany promises to give him her "pot of gold" if he grants her three wishes; Rory takes this as sexual intercourse, and being a virgin, Rory eagerly attempts at completing Brittany's three wishes.

'Damian McGinty
In the meantime, Rory strangely befriends Finn Hudson, partly out of Finn's desire to keep tabs on Brittany and Santana and whether or not they're planning to leave New Directions for The Troubletones. Rory enthusiastically agrees to the proposed friendship, granting him another friend.

Rory manages to complete the first two wishes requested by Brittany: to create an all-marshmellow box of Lucky Charms and for her cat Lord Tubbingtons to poop candy. Rory deceives Brittany and manages to trick her into believing both happened through means of magic, but Santana Lopez soon learns of his being a leprauchan and she asks for the third and final wish, for Rory to get Brittany to join The Troubletones. When Rory tells Brittany of this, she tells him that she has to because of his Leprauchan magic.

When Rory tells Finn of the story, he apologizes and explains that he just wanted a friend. Finn confronts Brittany in the hallway, calls her "stupid" - the act that seals Brittany's decision to join The Troubletones - and explains that leprauchans are not real. Brittany's disbelief that Rory deceived her loses Rory one of two friends that he had and loses the oppurtunity to "obtain her pot of gold", whatever it was that Brittany meant by that.

[edit] The First Time

Rory Flanagan plays Indio in the West Side Story, the school's play.

[edit] Mash Off

Rory stands up for Finn when Santana throws insults at him. Later he also participates in the dodgeball match. When The Troubletones win the match, they bombard Rory with dodgeballs, making his nose bleed. Kurt Hummel intervenes, saving Rory and is inspired to launch his "anti-dodgeball" campaign for class presidency.

[edit] I Kissed a Girl

Rory plays almost no parts and is merely seen sitting in the New Directions meeting and chiming in on the songs, particularly I Kissed a Girl in which he comically expresses his excitement for the all-girl performance.

[edit] Season Four

As of Season Four, Rory is no longer a role on Glee.

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