Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry
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Lea Michele as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Color brown
Dating On break from Finn Hudson
Ex-Relationships Finn Hudson (ex-fiancee, on a break); Noah Puckerman (ex-boyfriend); Jesse St. James (ex-boyfriend);

Blaine Anderson (kissed; one date)

Family Shelby Corcoran (mother); Hiram Berry (father); Leroy Berry (father); Beth Corcoran (adoptive sister)
Friends New Directions;
First Appearance Pilot
Played By Lea Michele

Rachel Berry, a senior, is an optimistic and bossy student at William McKinley High School. Genetically engineered by her two gay fathers, Leroy Berry and Hiram Berry, Rachel is a determined, fierce 'diva' who will stop at nothing until her dream of reaching broadway is reached.

Rachel is respected for her amazing voice by New Directions but is initially shunned for her annoying and dramatic personality. When Rachel is awarded co-captain alongside Finn Hudson in Mattress, she slowly works to becoming more of a team-leader and learns to befriend the others.

Rachel is currently a graduate of William McKinley High School and is planning to attent NYADA, a dramatic art school. She initially wanted to take a year break in order to help Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel with their rejected scholarships, but Finn compels her to take a train to New York, temporarily breaking up the two and postponing the wedding until an undetermined date.

Rachel Berry is portrayed by Lea Michele.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Before The Show

Rachel is the daughter of two gay, Jewish men named Leroy and Hiram. She was trained by her parents to have a life of dancing, singing and acting. Her parents said she needed to live a special life. When she was a teenager, she was extremely confident in all she did, and she had a good focus. Despite this, she was a target for the jocks and cheerleaders for a slushie in the face, and also making fun of her videos on MySpace. She decided to join Mr. Schue's Glee Club. Although this did not raise her friendship with anyone, she could freely express herself in her talents, and she got to hang out with Finn Hudson.

[edit] Season One

[edit] Pilot

Rachel Berry hastily makes a name for herself by being a major part of the episode. Rachel is first seen when Sandy Ryerson, the old choir teacher, is innapropriately touching a boy who he's singing with. Despite Rachel later telling the audience that she didn't tell Principle Figgins on Sandy, a scene where she's crying to Figgins occurs and her confiding the incident to Figgins is made aware. This secret gets Sandy fired from his job and later gets Will Schuester the role as director of New Directions.

Later in the episode, Rachel auditions for New Directions with the song On My Own. During her audition, Rachel explains herself and her life story, starting out with why she puts a golden star sticker next to her name: it being a metaphor for how she's a star. Rachel confides in the audience about her two fathers being gay and how she was bred to excel in the arts. Rachel also expresses her attempt at fame by uploading myspace videos of her singing but is made fun of by Quinn Fabray and the Cheerios upon hearing the songs.

When Rachel makes it into New Directions, she attempts to lead in the song Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat with Artie Abrams but interrupts and says that they suck; Artie isn't able to be a male lead on par with her female lead and they need work. When Artie suggests him leading to be ironic in a song about sitting, she screams 'nothing's ironic about show choir' and storms out of the room and on to the football field.

Will meets her on the bleachers and talks to her about her talent. Rachel admits that she wants to be famous but that she won't sign up for a club to make more of a fool out of herself, pointing out how often she's made fun of and degraded. She agrees to rejoining if they can find a male lead on par with her.

When Finn Hudson is compelled to join New Directions, he and Rachel sing You're The One I Want. Rachel is thoroughly impressed with his voice and expresses it in an exciting dance that the others clearly didn't prepare for. Rachel's admiration is clearly evident in this first seen with her and Finn. To back up this admiration, she later seems shocked when Finn tells her that he has a girlfriend, Quinn Fabray. Rachel says the name in disgust, clearly demonstrating her distaste in the captain of the Cheerios and also leader of the Celibacy Club.

Rachel later decides to lead New Directions when Will decides to change jobs (though only for a portion of the episode). She is seen scolding the kids on their performance when Finn enters and apologizes for leaving; he agrees to rejoining and gives the kids each a job - Rachel's being choreography. Rachel leads Don't Stop Believin' with Finn when Will enters and decides not to take his other job. Rachel is ecstatic.

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

[edit] I Kissed A Girl

Rachel Berry is worried that her friend, Kurt Hummel will lose the presidential elections at William McKinley High School and thus lose his chance to go to NYADA, a performing college, with her. Kurt reveals a desire to 'cheat' his way to victory because he knows he will not win otherwise, but he admits that that is against his beliefs.

Later, Rachel is seen performing (head with Santana Lopez) I Kissed A Girl in means of defending Santana and her sexuality.

During the presidential elections, it is revealed that Kurt received more votes than even possible. When accused of cheating, Kurt is threatened with suspension. Rachel admits that she is the one who did that, not Kurt, to Finn Hudson, her boyfriend. When Finn hears this, he immediately suggests telling Principle Figgins because of how unfair it would be to her best friend. Rachel agrees and admits to cheating, causing her to be suspended and unable to perform in Sectionals 2011.

[edit] Hold On To Sixteen

Rachel is confronted by Quinn Fabray who admits her knowledge of Shelby Corcoran and Noah Puckerman's relationship - a reason to get her fired. Rachel strongly suggests that Quinn keep it a secret. She pleads she leaves it alone and says that winning should be done fairly and is only then worthy.

During Sectionals 2011, Rachel sees Quinn walk out of the auditorium during The Troubletones' performance. She meets Quinn outside in the hallway and once again begs her to keep quiet. She tells Quinn that if Shelby loses her job, Beth Corcoran, Quinn's biological daughter, will get hurt as well. This image impedes Quinn from telling the principle, and Quinn tells Rachel of her plans to go to Yale and study drama. Quinn admits to being Rachel's friend and the two of them head to the girl'a bathroom where the recruit some of The Troubletones back into the group.

[edit] Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Rachel selfishly provides Finn with a list of fifteen things and suggest he gets five of them for her, heavily hinting that she would like the earrings on the list.

Later when Will Schuester announces them performing a holiday Christmas special with Artie Abrams as the director, Rachel is ecstatic. She immediately auditions with River but is told that she was much to sad for a holiday meant for happiness. Disappointed with her feedback, Blaine Anderson and her sing Extraordinary Merry Christmas, an original song, to which Artie finds perfect.

After learning that Christmas isn't solely about receiving, Rachels admits to being selfish and takes back her desire for such expensive things. Finn surprises her with a star of her own, though, named Finn because, "there's already a star named Rachel." Rachel very kindly appreciates the gift but us surprises once again when he gives her the earrings she wanted. Rachel promises to be more giving from now on, and to begin with that she decides to sell the earrings and give them to Sam Evans, their friend with money problems. Both Finn and herself are very happy with this year's Christmas, announcing it to be the "best Christmas ever!"

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