Quinn Fabray

Quinn Fabray

Dianno Agron as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Female
Age 18
Hair Color Blonde
Dating N/A
Ex-Relationships Finn Hudson; Noah Puckerman; Sam Evans; Joe Hart (possible crush)
Family Russel Fabray (father); Judy Fabray (mother); Frannie Fabray (older sister); Beth Corcoran (daughter)
Friends New Directions; Dalton Academy Warblers
First Appearance Pilot
Played By Darren Criss

Lucy Quinn Fabray (goes by Quinn Fabray) is a student at William McKinley High School who has recently decided what it is she wants to be when she grows up: study drama. She has become close friends with those in New Directions and promises to be the good person that she knows she can be.

Quinn is currently a graduate of William McKinley High School and is going to attend Yale.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Season One

Quinn had a great life in the popular side of the high school, but that changed quickly when she finds out she is pregnant. She tells everyone that the baby owner is Finn Hudson, but it actually turns out to be Noah Puckerman, otherwise known as Puck, that is the father of the baby. After hearing the news, Sue Sylvester kicks her out of Cheerios. This strange lead of events led Quinn from extremely popular to not so popular. She later joins Glee to spy for Sue, but ends up in another caring family.

In Pilot, Quinn makes a few subtle appearances that set her up for her full acceptance in to the show later down the line. She is first seen laughing at Rachel Berry's myspace videos in the gym with the other Cheerios, contributing to the hate that Rachel later admits to feeling for Quinn. The next time we see Quinn in this episode is in the hallway when she forbids Finn from talking to Rachel. Lastly, Quinn, her coach, Sue Sylvester and Santana Lopez, her best friend, are watching New Directions' performance of Don't Stop Believin' when Will comes in and decides not to abandon them. Quinn, with Sue and Santana, are atop a balcony, concealed from the others.

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

Quinn's new look during Season three's first episode

In The Purple Piano Project (E45) we see a much different Quinn Fabray. Through her transformation, she somehow lost her love of singing, cheerleading and leading a healthy, academically balanced life. She cuts her hair, dies it and joins a punk-group called The Skanks who smokes under the bleachers. The New Directions request her return several times within just the first episode, yet she rejects them with the response that she's found new, better friends who accept her for who she really is, now. Rachel Berry's attempt to recruit Quinn fails when Quinn rejects her, too. Quinn even flicks her cigarette butt on the piano filled with lighter-fluid, lighting it aflame. Quinn looks almost jealous by the end of the episode when New Directions sing You Can't Stop The Beat.

In I Am Unicorn (E46), Shelby Corcoran, the mother of Quinns biological daughter, returns to McKinley. When Shelby offers both Quinn and Noah Puckerman the oppurtunity to see their daughter again, Quinn attacks her by saying she's her true mother. Shelby refuses Quinn the chance to see her daughter until Quinn becomes the nice, sweet girl she used to be.

In school while The Skanks give a girl a swirlie, Sue Sylvester barges in and talks with Quinn in private. Sue asks if Quinn will film her talking to Will Schuester about how New Directions ruined her life, proving Sue's campaign slogan that the arts ruin lives. Quinn agrees and enters Will office with Becky Jackson and Sue. When she accusses Will of this, he counters her and claims that she's selfish and needs to grow up. He tells her that she's been blaming the world for all of her problems and that, with a daughter in the world, now, she should act like a mature adult.

When Quinn sees Beth for this first time she changes her mind about her personal appearance. She dies her hair back to blonde, throws away her cigarettes and dresses in her old attire. She shows back up at Booty Camp and is welcomed with smiles. Noah Puckerman tells her that he's very proud of her; the two of them will now be able to see their daughter together. Quinn's artificial smile fades when she tells him that she'll do anything for full custody over Beth, even if that's pretending to be the good girl she used to.

During Asian F (E47), Quinn's only contributions consist around the performances in the episode: Brittany's campaign song, Run The World (Girls), It's All Over and Fix You.

During Pot O' Gold (E48), Quinn and Noah give Shelby Corcoran a eye bag concealer and tell her that she's working too hard with her job and being a single mother. Quinn suggests that she let Noah and herself babysit Beth for a night and see how it is. She tells Shelby that she once babysat Will Schuester's ex-wive's nephews, the spawn of Satan, and were able to put them asleep. With that in mind Shelby agrees to letting them babysit Beth.

After a very nervous Shelby leaves the two to babysit, Quinn immediately begins planting false evidence around the house to frame Shelby as an unfit mother. Noah seems very uncomfortable with what Quinn is doing, but he allows her to do it. Quinn says that she's going to call Child Protective Services and that they'll have Beth back in no time.

In The First Time (E49), Quinn gives Rachel Berry the advice to not have sex. She says that she has more experience than them all, being pregnant at a very young age, and tells Rachel that it is not worth it.

In Mash Off (E50), Quinn asks to join The Troubletones so that she can get closer to Shelby and thus closer to Beth. Shelby tells Quinn that she'll think about it, feeling bad for taking Will's female stars. Later in the show Noah tells Shelby about the false items planted in Shelby's house to save her from losing her child, a service Shelby is very appreciative of. Quinn goes over to Shelby's house bearing a gift for Beth and asks if she can join The Troubletones or not. Shelby admits to knowing about what she planted at her house, denies Quinn the oppurtunity to see Beth again and argues about what a true mother is. Quinn leaves, unaware of when she'll be able to return.

[edit] Relationships

Quinn has been in a relationship (known) with Finn Hudson, Noah Puckerman (cheating), and Sam Evans. Her first relationship with Finn ended when she got pregnant with the baby of Puck. She eventually broke it off with both of them, but met Sam Evans, who quickly fell in love with her. They are currently dating.

At the end of Silly Love Songs, Quinn had mixed feelings between Sam and Finn. She made out with Finn at the end of The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, and this caused her to enter a conflict. She does not know which man she wants to be with.

As of Comeback, she is no longer dating Sam, since he found out that she cheated on him with Finn. It is unknown if she still has feelings for Finn, as she told him during the episode that she preferred Sam because he was an "artist".

Eventually, she did get back together with Finn, but mainly to win the title of Prom Queen. Finn broke up with her in Funeral in order to get back together with Rachel Berry. As of the end of the season, she is not dating anybody.

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