Props (E64)

Props (E64)
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Tina Cohen Chang and Rachel Berry in the episode Props
Aired May 13, 2012
Directory Season Three, Episode 19

When Tina bumps her head, the world of New Directions is turned upside down.

[edit] Information

Sue Sylvester talks to Mercedes Jones and Kurt Hummel about their involvement in getting Unique, a singer on Vocal Adrenaline, to express his feminine inside and his name set in lights. Sue believes this can only be combated in Nationals by having Kurt do the same. Kurt argues that just because he's homosexual it doesn't mean he's alright with putting on womanly attire. Sue's assumption insults Kurt and later Blaine as well.

Rachel Berry performs I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz as she stares at her journal, regretting the choke she made during her NYADA audition. Rachel calls Carmen Tibideaux, a NYADA instructor, in hopes to see her at Nationals where she will hopefully win MVP, showing Carmen that her audition was a fluke.

In the choir room, Tina Cohen-Chang erupts because of her being the underdog in New Directions despite her three year contribution to the Glee club. Tina expresses aspiration to be heard; she wants to feel one moment that Rachel is so accustomed to. Mike and Rachel both tell her that she will be a senior next year and able to perform all she wants. Tina is later at the mall where she accidentally falls into a fountain and, upon recovering, believes she's Rachel Berry. Likewise, she sees the following people as switched personas:

The cast of New Directions is turned upside down!
  • Sue Sylvester as Mr Schuester and vice versa
  • Rachel Berry as herself
  • Finn Hudson as Kurt Hummel and vice versa
  • Brittany Pierce as Mercedes Jones and vice versa
  • Noah Puckerman as Blaine Anderson and vice versa
  • Rory Flannagan as Sam Evans and vice versa
  • Quinn Fabray as Sugar and vice versa
  • Mike Change as Joe Hart and vice versa
  • Artie Abram as Santana Lopez and vice versa

Tina, as Rachel, gets the standing ovation she dreams of by performing Because You Loved Me and snaps back out of her dream. Just before coming to, Tina, as Rachel, approaches Rachel, as Tina, and is told that Rachel (Tina at the time) shouldn't stop reaching her dream and should talk to Carmen, a NYADA instructor, in person.

Sue Sylvester's implemented props to better perform at Nationals takes a fall when she uses the props to be the routine, not help make it look better. Kurt refuses to dress as a woman simply because he's gay and decides to introduce a better approach. Kurt shows a rehearsal of Vocal Adrenaline doing a perfect performance, incorporating their cross-dressing lead and use of the human centipede, the hardest dance move ever.

Tina Cohen-Chang approaches Rachel about the advice she received in her dream, that Rachel said she should go to Carmen face to face. Tina offers to drive Rachel there immediately, and Rachel is incredibly appreciative.

To fulfill Sue's advice, Noah Puckerman arrives in the choir room dressed as a woman. Despite his commitment, Will Schuester sends him out and tells the kids that they need to drop all the props. Later, the hockey team approach Noah about his act and, angering Noah with taunting his high school failure, are challenged to a fight.

Outside Noah's dumpster, the hockey team surround him and insult his dad. Puck throws a punch before the fight is engaged and kids surround them. Noah is beaten and thrown into his own dumpster. Noah reveals a knife before Shannon Beiste intervenes and takes Noah into her office. Noah releases his anger about feeling nothing to Shannon, complaining about his family life and his failing high school record. He breaks into tears before Shannon embraces him in a hug, revealing the two's soft side despite appearing to be 'bad asses'.

Carmen Tibideaux is approached by Rachel Berry. She says she's a very busy woman and asks if Rachel is more important than the other hundreds of students she watches. Tina fights for Rachel's benefit, and Rachel begs for Carmen to hear her sing one more time. Rachel assures Carmen that she will audition until her acceptance.

Shannon Beiste and Noah Puckerman perform Mean by Taylor Swift

Shannon Beiste grimaces at Cooter, her husband, who promises that he's a changed man. "You've got my word," he promises. Shannon puts the fake knife that Noah had on the table before telling him that she sleeps with a real knife. Shannon cries and calls the marriage off, telling Cooter that if no one else loves her, at least she'll love herself. Noah Puckerman and Shannon sing Mean by Taylor Swift. Beiste tells Noah that he can retake the test he failed next week because she talked to his teacher. When Noah asks why she's so adamant about helping he, she tells him its because he helped her more than he could ever know (with Cooter).

At the end of the episode, Finn and Rachel reflect on the Glee Club as a whole rather than individuals and respect that they all got where they are not by any one individual but by the entire cast of New Directions. Rachel and Tina, as promised, sing Flashdance... What a Feeling together as they board the bus on their way to Nationals.

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