Principle Figgins

Principal Figgins.
Played By Iqbal Theba.
First Appearance Pilot
Currently Dating Mrs Figgins

[edit] Biography

Principal Figgins is the Principal of William McKinley High School. He is also in charge of the budget of the school, and is constantly seen worrying about the schools' budget. He used to work for Mumbai Airlines, in flight safety videos, as seen in Showmance (E2).

[edit] Personality

Principle Figgins is often seen as a very gullable character. He's constantly being bribed into benefitting the Cheerios because of Sue Sylvester and her plans of ruining Glee. A few examples of this are when he believes vampires to be real and demands Tina Cohen-Chang to change into proper attire, and also when he believes the "act" of fake vomit when, in fact, the members actually did throw up alcohol.

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