Preggers (E4)

Preggers (E4)
Episode 4, Preggers (E4)
Aired September 23th, 2009
Directory Season One, Episode 3

Preggers is the fourth episode of Glee.

[edit] Information

Rightfully named Preggers, this episode sparks up some tension between the members in New Directions. Quinn Fabray admits to Finn Hudson that she's pregnant and that he is the father. She doesn't tell him the truth, though, that Noah Puckerman is the true father. Finn, afraid of his future being diminished by fatherhood, tells his best friend, Puck, who then confronts Quinn about it. She admits that it's his baby but rejects his request of fatherhood, telling him that he's not suited for the responsibility.

Terri Schuester confides in her sister that she had only experienced a hysterical pregnancy, not a real one. Her sister offers the advice of finding a real baby to obtain before Will Schuester discovers the truth, leading to him possibly leaving her. Terri over hears the rumour about Quinn being pregnant and confronts her about a possibility of adopting.

Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester teams up with the old Glee Coach to take the Glee Club down. Rachel Berry, fueled by anger that Tina Cohen-Chang was given the solo instead of her, quits the club. Sue believes this will bring the Glee Club crumbling down. Sticking to allowing others the spotlight, Will Schuester tells Rachel that if she's not willing to let others lead, she isn't wanted. Rachel then joins the school musical, hosted by Sue and the old Glee Coach, Sandy Ryerson. She is later convinced by Finn Hudson, however, to return.

Earlier in the show, Kurt's father walks in on Kurt, Brittany Pierce, and Tina Cohen-Chang performing Single Ladies in Kurt's house. Kurt Hummel joins the football team in hope to show his dad his "manly side", and wins the game for the team by teaching them the song Single Ladies. He later admits to his father that he is a homosexual, and his father tells him that he's known for awhile and that he'll love him no matter what.

[edit] Songs Featured

Acafellas --> Preggers <-- The Rhodes Not Taken
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