Pot O' Gold (E48)

Pot O' Gold
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Episode 48, Pot O' Gold
Aired November 1st, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 4

Pot O' Gold is the fourth episode in Season Three and is the fourty-eigth episode overall.

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Sue Sylvester, in her run for congress to cut the arts, publicizes the cost for McKynley's West Side Story play.

Mercedes Jones asks Santana Lopez if shed like to join The Troubletones, saying "she gets me what I have to give". Santana says she has to watch out for Brittany, so Mercedes asks if they both want to join. Finn Hudson overhears this.

During a Glee meeting, Tina Cohen-Chang is crying because Mercedes is no longer with them. Accusations about who's fault it is flies around as Artie and Mr. Schuester are accused. Finn stands up and tells the group that they can't be turning on eachother. In response, Blaine Anderson concurs and gives his story with the Dalton Academy Warblers. Finn tells him that this isn't the Warblers; it's New Directions, signalling some jealousy because Blaine has a strong, male voice.

Rachel Berry complains about how Sue cancelled the play and Will Schuester agrees to come up with money by selling ads in the paper. Kurt Hummel agrees to advertising the ads and getting as much as he can.

As the meeting comes to an end, Finn asks Santana if she's still with the group. She responds affirmitively and asks why he was curious, which he sarcastically responds to saying, "I was just wondering."

Finn walks in on Rory Flanagan making Brittany an all-marshmellow box of lucky charms. Roy tells Finn that he's a huge fan of him. Finn asks who he is, and Roy tells him he's a foreign exchange student from Ireland who's staying at Brittany's house for awhile. Brittany thinks that he's a leprauchan and that if he grants her three wishes, he can "get into her pot of gold" (Roy's interpretation of sex). He tells Finn that Brittany's his only friend and asks Finn to be his friend, too. Finn agrees to being his friend if Roy keeps tabs on Brittany and whether or not she'll be quitting the club.

Noah Puckerman and Quinn Fabray meet Shelby Corcoran in the teacher's lounge where they present her with concealer, telling her that she's been losing sleep because of Beth, her adopted child and their real baby. The two of them propose that they watch Beth for a night to get Shelby some time to rest. Shelby agrees, as it'll also get them some time to spend with their child.

Before leaving Shelby's extremely timid; she makes sure both Noah and Quinn know where everything is and how to take care of Beth. She shows immense care and love for her child, as well as excellent ability to care for a child. However, the second she leaves Quinn sets to work with getting her child back.

Quinn begins planting items around the house to frame Shelby for child abuse. She plants books and hot sauce around the house, explaining that these items could send Shelby to jail. When Noah says it's a bit extreme, Quinn tells him that they need their baby back.

Kurt Hummel asks his dad to buy an ad in the West Side Story book. His dad is then seen in the principle's office with his friends from town who pay for the play in whole. He then confronts Sue and insults her. Sue takes the insult to heart and promises him that she'll bring him down before he can bring her down.

Rory Flanagan is heard lying to his mom again, telling her that America's great when he really hates it. He then gives Brittany an all-marshmellow box of Lucky Charms. She tells him that he's only two wishes away from her "lucky pot of gold". She tells him her next wish: hoping that Lord Tubbington poops candy because she's been trying to get him to for awhile! Roy asks her out for dinner, but she denies him because she's busy. He then performs Bein' Green from the Muppets.

Brittany and Santana are eating at Breadstix and Santana asks if this is a date. Brittany confirms that it's a date, and says that if it gets in the way of her presidential campaign that she could just use a wish to make it go away. Shocked by her belief in leprachauns, Santana begins to stir up a wicked plan. Santana tells Brittany that if she had a wish she'd go to Shelby's choir group because she's sick of being in the background of New Directions. Brittany doesn't want to leave all her friends, but she's open to the idea.

Noah's pool service is booming due to Global Warming. During a job on a 'Cougar's' pool, she asks him to help with her inside. Noah shows her a picture of his baby, though, and she walks away. Noah's love for older women and sex seems to be slipping since his love for his daughter.

Quinn tells Noah that he needs to get a better job now that they'll be getting their daughter. Quinn's depressed because she has nothing, but she knows she has one thing in the world - her daughter. She won't let anything separate them.

In the hallway Shelby offers Noah a job one of her friend's house, an inside-pool that he could work on throughout the year. Noah thanks Shelby and the two are noticably getting closer.

Later in Glee Club, Will announces Kurt's job at getting the money for the play, and the group cheers. Blaine Anderson performs a song expressing what Glee's all about - fun. He sings Last Friday Night by Katy Perry and everyone but Santana Lopez embraces the joy of the song!

Santana objects immediately after the song announcing that others should get a chance to sing, too. Will, fed up with the arguments, tells her that she had a solo last year. Santana simply states that they won last year's competition and that this year will only be Rachel and Blaine.

In the hallway Santana tells Rory everything she knows about how he's pretending to be a Leprauchan and his crush on her. She tells Rory that he'll be granting her a wish if he wants to continue with his plans.

Rory is seen again in Brittany's room planting a Babe Ruth in Lord Tubbington's litter box. Brittany enters shortly after and notices the delicious poop and eats it. Brittany agrees that he's now only one wish away from her pot of gold. Rory tells her that Santana knows he's a Leprauchan, too, and that her wish is for Brittany to leave New Directions. Brittany knows that if a Leprauchan is wished on, that she has to oblige. She agrees to leave New Directions with Santana, now.

Will enters Burt Hummel's autobody shop and asks if he'll run against Sue Sylvester to rally those for the arts. He tells Will that he is one step ahead and that he already looked into it. Will asks to be his campaign manager along side Kurt Hummel.

Puck returns to Shelby's house to thank her for the job and to get rid of the evidence. Beth, his daughter, will not stop crying, so he sings her Waiting For A Girl Like You which puts her right to sleep.

Rory reports Brittany's defection to Finn Hudson who is told by Santana that he's just jealous of Blaine's voice, angering him to the point of calling Brittany an idiot. Brittany tells him that friends don't call eachother names and finally decides to leave New Directions for The Troubletones.

The Troubletons sing Candyman in the audotorium and impressive Finn and Rachel whom are watching. After watching it, Finn apologizes to Brittany, telling her that he did not mean it and that he wishes they could all be friends, still.

Rory announces that his final wish had come true and that it was time for his "pot of gold" (sex), but Brittany tells him that she knows Leprauchans don't exist; he is told to disapear by Santana.

At Breadstix Carole Hummel and Burt Hummel express Burt's campaign to Finn and Kurt who seem worried for his health. Burt tells Finn that if he gets elected Finn can run the tire shop. Just then Sue Sylvester arrives and tells the family that she wanted to thank them for reminding her why she decided to run for office: not only to cut the arts back, but also to improve special education.

The Glee Club is worried about how many members have recently left, so Finn sticks up for Rory and has him try out for the group. Rory sings Take Care Of Yourself and is accepted into the club.

The episode concludes with Puck and Shelby kissing eachother.

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