Pilot (E1)

Pilot (E1)

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Aired May 19, 2009
Directory Season One, Episode One

Pilot is the first episode in the television series, Glee. As the name states, this is the pilot episode of the first season of the series.

On this episode, Mr. Schuester, a Spanish teacher at McKinley High, decides to take over the role of Glee Club Director from Sandy Ryerson, who was fired due to making a male student uncomfortable through his behavior.

Will creates the Glee Club with permission from Principal Figgins. His main plan is to bring it back to its stardom, back to the way it was when he was a student. To represent this, he names the club New Directions. After getting six members to join, New Directions begins to work together in order to win Nationals.

[edit] Information

Glee's pilot show begins with Cheerios performing an outstanding routine which Sue Sylvester isn't impressed with.

Will Schuester, spanish teacher at William McKinley High School, drives into school to see Kurt Hummel near the dumpster surrounded by several football players and asks, "making some new friends, Kurt?" Noah Puckerman, the school's bully, sarcastically tells Will that 'he sure is!' Will then passes Finn Hudson and tells him that he still owes him a report for spanish class.

When Will leaves Noah and another kid attempt to throw Kurt into the dumpster before Finn interrupts, saying, "wait!" He unzips Kurt's expensive jacket and then gives the okay to throw Kurt into the dumpster.

Will is staring at his old show choir trophy in the hallway, signaling a longing for his glory days of old. The scene then jumps to him being in his classroom teaching the kids spanish. Finn Hudson is in his class barely keeping his eyes open and reciting the phrases that Will is saying.

Hank Saunders and Sandy Ryerson, the choir teacher, sing Where Is Love?. Sandy strokes Hank's stomach in an innapropriate way while, unaware, Rachel Berry is watching through the door's window.

The scene skips to Will Schuester and Ken Tanaka in the teacher's lounge complaining about how Principal Figgins removes the coffee pot due to budget cuts. Just then Sue Sylvester enters with coffee she brought herself and offers it to them. Just then Emma Pillsberry enters and makes sure to say 'hi' to Will in specific. Emma asks why she has the coffee to which Sue replies that Figgins spent the money on her Cheerios and had to cut back on other things. Emma comments about how they went about $600 over board last year, trying to degrade Sue. Sue brings up the fact that her team made it to fox news last year, though, and keeps her pride.

Ken sits down next to Emma who is cleaning her table, the first sign that she's a germaphobe. Will tells Emma that there's someone out there for everyone and smiles at Emma. Emma reveals that Sandy just got fired and asks who's going to take the club over, clearly demonstrating his longing for the days he used to live in whilst a kid.

The scene cuts to Will in Figgin's office, asking to be the new Glee club director. Will says that each kid feels invisible and needs this sort of outlet, but Figgins asks for $60 a month for keeping it up and that he will not pay it. He brings up the infamous Cheerios and says that a Glee club doesn't reel in the benefits that they do. He says that until the Glee Club hits it big, it'll be $60 a month and that he'll need to use props they already have.

Will is sitting in his bed while his wife, Terri Schuester, sleeps. He arbitrates how he'll motivate the kids to get them to join his Glee club and how it'll be hard to hide $60 a month from Terri. He comes up with the new name New Directions in hopes to bring back the glee club.

The next scene features the auditions first given to New Directions. First, Mercedes Jones' version of Respect. The scene blends into the other auditions that Will receives as well. Kurt Hummel enters to audition for Mr. Cellophane. Tina Cohen-Chang signs up as well and performs I Kissed A Girl. Rachel Berry performs On My Own.

During Rachel's performance, she explains why she puts a golden star beside her name because of it being a metaphor for her being a star. She also explains how she'd like to clear the rumour that she got Randy fired for giving Hank the solo she deserved. The scene goes to Rachel telling Figgins an exaggerated story about the incident, though, proving that she did. Rachel assures that she is not homophobic, though, admitting that she has two dads. She says that her two dads used a woman with the perfect mixture of beauty and talent. Her parents gave her everything in order to boost her in the arts, including vocal rehearsals and dancing lessons. Rachel posts a myspace video every day and aspires to be famous, something that everyone needs, she says.

In the gym Quinn Fabray and the Cheerios watch the video, laughing and commenting rude comments. The song that Rachel performs during her myspace video blends into the end of her audition and Will says that it was very nice.

Suddenly Artie Abrams leads Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat with New Directions in the choir room with Will Schuester. At the end of their song Rachel comments that it sucked and that they need work. Rachel says that it's ridiculous to give the lead role in a song titled 'sit down,' to a boy in a wheelchair. Artie suggests that it adds irony, but Rachel says that there's nothing ironic about show choir. She storms out of the choir room.

Sue Sylvester is yelling at her cheer team, telling them that they're horrible. Will makes his way up the bleachers and tells Rachel that she's the best kid in the team. Rachel says that everyone hates her and that being a part of something special will make her special. Rachel says that she won't make a fool out of herself if she can't have a male lead on par with her voice because Artie's isn't good enough.

Will makes a promise with Figgins that if they win at Sectionals that they get to get the audotorium. Figgins says that he's running detention for free if he's doing this, and Will agrees.

Terri Schuester is demonstrating how to fold a bed sheet at the store she's a manager at, Sheets 'n' Things. Will enters with roast beef but it has mustard, something that could give you diabeties again and impede their attempt to get her pregant. She scolds him before he says that he'll need to stay late at school for detention duty. Terri is upset that she has to go home and cook dinner for herself.

While at the store Will runs into Sandy who knows that he took over Glee Club. Sandy says that getting out of that school was the best thing ever; he was given medical marajuana because of his depression. He gets all he wants and then sells the drugs, bringing in more money than he ever was as a teacher.

Sue is in her trophy room when Will asks to enter. The scene cuts to Emma stepping on gum when Will asks for a second, too. He asks Sue if he can ask any of her kids to join his Glee Club. She lays down the caste system of High School, though, and tells him that her kids won't join his club because of that. The scene cuts back to him with Emma and he asks her for advice. She tells him that if he can get their leader to join Glee Club, others will follow. The scene cuts again to Will running with Ken Tanaka and asks if he can ask his football kids to join. Once again, Ken suggests that they won't. Will just asks for an introduction, though, and Ken asks for him to put a good word in with Emma. The scene cuts once again to Emma and her gum problem when she admits her problem with 'messy things'.

Ken tells the football kids that they need to listen to Will in a meeting. Will announces that he needs guys for New Directions but is laughed at. He says he'll put a sign up sheet on the locker room door in case anyone was interested. Will stares at the sign up sheet with a few names mocking the sheet when he hears Finn Hudson singing in the shower and falls in love with his voice.

Will then describes his next moment as 'the blackest moment of his life' because he falsely accuses Finn of using drugs by showing him the business card that Sandy gave him. Finn says that he'll pee but that possession is 8/10 the law and that he'll lose everything if this gets out.

Finn then describes his problems with family; his dad died in Iraq and living with his mom is sometimes hard. He struggles with the same problems everyone else does despite his confident aura. He remembers his mom's ex boyfriend, Darren, who used to work on their lawn, saying that he used to think Darren was cool. They perform Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' together and that's the first time he fell in love with music. Darren then left her for another blond girl and says his mom took it really hard. Finn says it was that moment when he decided to do everything he could for his mom.

Will says that he has two options. One, do six weeks of detention, or, two, join Glee club. Finn goes with the latter.

The scene cuts to Finn leading You're The One That I Want with New Directions in the background. The club is very impressed with Finn's voice. Rachel throws her script down and gets excited that she's found a male vocal that can lead with her. Mercedes Jones jumps in, screaming "ah hell to the nah," because she's tired of being a back up singer. "I'm a Beyonce, not no Kelly Clarkson." The group says it's just one song and that they actually sounded good. Mercedes decides to go with it.

Terri and Will are doing puzzles in her 'craft room'. She says she needs to give themselves more creative outlets when Will vents his ideas of taking the group on a field trip next Saturday to see how their rival Glee Club, Vocal Adrenaline, does. Will asks if Terri can chaperone, but she hastily rejects the offer and says she has to work over time because of their money problem. Will defends himself by asking how much she spends on her crafts, opening her 'Christmas Closet' to reveal expensive decorations that they can't afford. Terri tells Will that they can afford things like that if Will takes the accountant job that offers a higher pay, but he says that that's not his dream. Terri says that high school is over for the both of them and that Will needs to throw away his hopes of reliving his golden days. "It's time for you to move on."

Will posts a chaperone request in the teacher's lounge, and Emma hastily jumps to sign the sheet.

Noah Puckerman is throwing footballs at a kid when he over hears Finn Hudson being yelled at by Ken Tanaka, their coach, because he's in the glee club. Puck asks what's happening when Finn tells him an excuse about his mom having surgery, resulting in him not being able to go to next Saturday's game (the real reason being the field trip). He tells Puck that she needs to get her prostate out and that he has to help her.

Ken confronts Will with anger, saying "you're screwing up my life." Will asks what it's really about because he knows Ken hates football. The scene quickly flashes to Ken approaching Emma, referring to her as M'n'M, a nick name she evidently doesn't like. He tells her he has monster truck tickets, but Emma says she's not interested. Then, frustrated by his perserverance, Emma explains that her excuses of her being on her period, being allergic to night time, etc. aren't true and were made up simply because she's not interested in dating him. Ken doesn't give up and asks how he gets her. Emma annoyingly admits that she likes someone else but that he is not available and she, too, has to deal with it. Ken angrily licks his hand and rubs it over her car door handle.

The scene flashes back to Ken and Will and tells Will that the 'herd' will handle it themself. Upon asking what the herd is, Ken says the student body won't allow someone like Finn to be someone he isn't and will put him back into place. Ken then sarcastically thanks Will for putting in a good word with Emma, a promise will gave him. He accusses Will of just wanting her for himself.

Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson are in line to see Vocal Adrenaline whilst at their field trip. Rachel tells Finn that he's very talented and that the team expects the two of them to be an item, him the hot male lead and her the stunning lead everyone roots for. Finn tells Rachel that he has a girlfriend, Quinn Fabray, captain of the cheerleaders and also leader of the Celibacy Club. Finn admits to being four months in to their relationship.

Will and Emma are in line at the field trip looking for food when Emma suggests they go 'halfsies' on her peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. Will smiles and agrees, as he hasn't had one in a very long time due to Terri's nut allergy. Emma asks how long they've been married when he tells her that it has been five years and that she's also his first girlfriend. He then vents that she used to be so full of life when Emma interrogates it further. The show starts and they get up to see it when Will says that he knows she doesn't want to hear about his marriage problems, but Emma insists that she does.

Will is talking to New Directions while they sit down to watch the performance. He tells the kid that they're their 'competition' but he doubts they obtain the confidence and talent that they have. Quick flashes of Vocal Adrenaline putting high heels and their costumes on happen while Will is lecturing the students.

The announcer announces that they were last year's regional state champions and Vocal Adrenaline breaks out with Rehab. The Glee Club is dressed in amazing costumes and perform an amazing dance routine, backed up with incredible vocals. The crowd cheers the performance on, showing their love for the Glee Club. At the end of the performance, the crowd give them a standing ovation and Tina Cohen-Chang comments that they're, "d-d-doomed." Each New Directions kid, Emma and Will included, are in awe.

Finn Hudson returns to school that monday to be surrounded by Noah Puckerman and other football kids who claim that 'chicks don't have prostates'. Each kid is holding a paintball gun in their hand because Finn must be punished for breaking the code. The surround him and all fire paintballs at him.

Will returns home to find Teri with champagne. She tells him that she's pregnant, and Will is ecstatic to hear the news.

Will tells the New Directions kids that he was given his two week notice and that he's going to have to leave soon. The kids ask if it's because Carmel High School was so good and that if it be the case they can work even harder. Will says that he's now an adult and that he has to make difficult choices, his way of admitting to his wife's suggestion earlier said in the show. He tells them he loved being their teacher and walks out of the audotorium.

The kids have all left the audotorium later and Will performs Leaving on a Jet Plane. The scene blends Emma drawing hearts around pictures of Will in a magazine. Teachers in the teacher lounge spread rumours that Will gave Figgins a notice of leave because he's having a baby.

In the tacher's lounge Emma confronts Will while he's filling out an application for the accountant job that Terri wanted him to do so bad. Will jokes that accounting is 'sexy' and that he'll miss Emma. Emma asks for a single favor - she made an appointment in the carreer center for him because he needs guidance. He tells her that he needs more benefits; he's having a kid and can't support a family like he is right now. Emma insists that he goes for her, though.

Rachel is in the hallway and scolds Finn for not going to Glee Club that day. He asks if the club is even still together without Will and she admits to being in charge now. Just then Quinn Fabray and her friend, Santana Lopez confront Finn and call Rachel a name. Quinn asks what she's doing talking to Rachel to which Rachel says they're science partners. Finn says that Glee Club conflicts with his reputation and that he can no longer sing. Rachel says he's better than everyone else and can't throw away a gift like this.

On the football field Puck questions Finn's intentions of joining the Glee Club. Finn admits that Mr. Schuester gave him extra credit to pass his class and that was it. Noah tells Finn that he got him a present to welcome him back to the 'world of the norm' and leads him to a portable bathroom where he trapped Artie Abrams in. He insists that Finn tip the bathroom over. Finn opens the door and wheels Artie out of the bathroom. Noah is appalled by what Finn does, and Finn admits to feeling bad for quitting a team that made him happy for once in his life. He says he'll do both teams because neither can win without him.

Whlie Finn wheels Artie away from the bathroom, Finn sees Darren on the football field with his blonde girlfriend and singing Don't Stop Believin'.

Rachel Berry is yelling at the remaining New Directions kids when Finn enters the rehearsal and says that he doesn't just want to be the kid throwing eggs at people anymore. He admits to being tired of it and that he wants to be doing this, saying that they all want to be good at something. He suggests that Artie pull in some jazz kids, Mercedes make them costume that 'have to be cool', Rachel doing choreography and says that they can figure something out for Tina. He then tells them that he has the music.

Emma is talking to Will and her discovery of the '93 team during Nationals, Will's Glee Club. She shows him a video of what he used to do as a kid. Emma tells him that he looks happier than she's ever seen him, and Will says it's because it was doing something he loved. He then says the only time he ever felt that happy was when Terri said she was pregnant, closing the laptop and saying again that he needs to provide for his family.

Emma questions what he's providing for his family, though. Is he providing the idea of money or the only life worth living one he's really passionate about. Will walks away slowly and over hears New Directions' practice of Don't Stop Believin' in the audotorium. Finn and Rachel lead the song with Artie and the jazz kids playing music in the back.

Will makes his way into the audotorium and is amazed at what he sees. Sue Sylvester, Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez also watch the performance from a balcony that no one notices.

When their performance ends Will claps and says that it's a nine and that they need to get a ten. He gives them suggestions and announces his return because, "it'd kill me to see you win Nationals without me."

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