Noah Puckerman

Noah Puckerman
Noah Puckerman.jpg

Mark Salling as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Color brown
Ex-Relationships Quinn Fabray; Santana Lopez; Brittany Pierce; Lauren Zises; Rachel Berry; Mercedes Jones;Shelby Corcoran; Becky Jackson (prom date); Brittany Pierce
Family Mrs. Puckerman (mother) ; Mr. Puckerman (father; estranged); Beth Corcoran (daughter)
Friends New Directions; the football team
First Appearance Pilot
Played By Mark Salling

Noah Puckerman, often referred to as Puck, is a proud 'bad ass' who enjoys throwing kids in dumpsters, throwing slushies at kids, and sleeping with older women through his pool service job. He does, however, join the Glee Club, and these hobbies soon fade. Noah's determination and love for his future daughter, even, turns Noah into an unexpected sweetheart.

Noah eventually passes his History Exam, allowing him to graduate High School, a dream of his. He plans to move to California and aspires to bring his pool-cleaning company there where he hopes it will become widely popular.


[edit] Biography

Noah Puckerman as seen on the television show, Glee.

[edit] Before the Show

Before the show, Noah admits to being a bully who had nothing going for him except his popularity as a football player. During the first few episodes, Noah pesters Finn Hudson about joining the Glee Club and even gets some of the guys to bully him back into the football team. Through Glee, Noah gradually opens his heart up and ceases to bully others.

[edit] Season One

[edit] Pilot

Puck is very hastily introduced as he throws Kurt Hummel into the school's dumpster. His reasoning is unknown and left vaguely at the fact that Puck is the school's bully.

The next time we see Puck is when Ken Tanaka, his football coach, is yelling at his best friend, Finn Hudson, for missing next Saturday's game for New Directions' field trip. When Puck asks what it was about, however, Finn tells him his mother got a prostate surgery and needs help. The following monday Puck surrounds Finn with other football players carrying paintball guns. Puck tells him that he broke the code and needs to stop going to New Directions.

When the club temporarily closes, Puck offers Finn the honor of pushing over a portable bathroom with Artie Abrams, a handicap student who's also a member of New Directions, over. Finn denies the offer and frees Artie whilst Puck mocks him being "gay" for New Directions.

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

During season three, Noah Puckerman develops a passionate bond with both Beth Corcoran, his daughter, and Shelby Corcoran, Beth's guardian and director of The Troubletones. In Pot O' Gold, both Noah and Shelby are seen kissing eachother. Noah defends Shelby when Quinn Fabray attempted to frame Shelby as a bad mother, and in return Shelby gets Noah an all-year round pool to clean at a friend of her's. Noah's visits to Shelby's become more frequent as Shelby sees the gentle heart that Beth brings out in her formerly-"bad" father. Shelby, being a single parent, tells Noah that it's hard not celebrating the experience with another person, Noah's confirmation that she's willing to give them a chance despite her caution of age difference and relationship.

[edit] The First Time

Noah has a very minor role. He is first seen in the lockeroom when Finn Hudson, his good friend, asks for a condom, as he plans to have intercourse with his girlfriend for this first time this Friday. Noah jokes that he hasn't ever used one and had only ran into one problem with it, being Quinn Fabray and the baby they conceived. Noah is later shown during the West Side Story play. He thanks Artie Abrams, friend and director of the play, for all his hard work and dedication to their success.

[edit] Relationships

Noah, being the 'badass' he is, has slept with many women during the show or had a relationships with.

[edit] Quinn Fabray

he first of the girls was Quinn Fabray, the mother of his child. A one night stand while drunk got Quinn, girlfriend of Puck's best fried, pregnant and cause chaos later in the season when this is revealed.

[edit] Rachel Berry

Noah is also known for going for Rachel Berry, another Jew, which he uses to his advantage. Likewise, Rachel's being with Noah was used in turn to get Finn Hudson jealous.

[edit] Santana Lopez

One of his early sex partners (sex being the only known reason the two got together) was Santana Lopez, who often told Quinn to, "get off my man!".

[edit] Mercedes Jones

Later in season one, Noah also got together with Mercedes Jones, simply because she was a cheerleader, hoping to boost his popularity back up again.

[edit] Lauren Zises

Noah's girlfriend (as of season two) is the 'bad ass', Lauren Zises. Though her appearance is one Noah wouldn't normally go for, he quickly falls for her bossiness and control over herself. It takes him awhile to woe her, but his patience is rewarded with a date. At the beginning of Season Three, we are told that Lauren Zises is no longer a part of New Directions because she could no longer deal with the social drawbacks that came packaged with it, as it degraded her charisma.

[edit] Shelby Corcoran

During Season Three Noah's frequent visits with Shelby Corcoran have him falling for the director of The Troubletones and legal guardian of his daughter. Despite her concern that she's just a fantasy of his that he'll drop after he gets bored, Shelby shows interests for Puck's growing character and how he's becoming much more of a gentleman and courageous now that he's allowed to visit Beth. Noah goes as far as kissing Shelby before she comes to terms with his being a teenager and tells him off for good.

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