New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts

New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (referred to commonly as N.Y.A.D.A) is a fictional College for the performing arts in Glee. This college is the number one college for those interested in the arts and is extremely difficult to attend. Applicants must express a high love and capability for the arts, as well as have exceptional grades and school participation.

Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel are New Directions members who aspire to join this college after High School at William McKinley High School. Coming from a smaller town, they both dream of having lives in the fast lane and thus wish above everything else to attend NYADA. During Season Three, Rachel and Kurt attend a meeting of kids who also want to attend the school, as suggested by Emma Pillsberry, their counselor. Once there, however, the two witness others who look and sing just like them. Realizing that they aren't as special as they once though, the two leave crying.

Because of this realization, the two try to make their last year at highschool exceptional for their applications. Kurt tries out for class president and Rachel gets her mother, the old director of Vocal Adrenaline, a popular choir team, to sign her applications. Rachel also runs against Kurt, ruining their friendship, but later pulls out of the running to reestablish the friendship she missed with Kurt. She promises him that she'll help him get into NYADA and make his last year impressive enough to get in.

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