Nationals (E65)

Nationals (E65)
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Episode 21 of Season Three
Aired May 13, 2012
Directory Season Three, Episode 21

The New Directions perform at Nationals, where Lindsay Lohan is a judge.

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Mercedes Jones unfortunately comes down with a fever just before Nationals

Mercedes Jones is sick in bed after trying a strange salsa. Sue Sylvester expresses concern in the kids and with the aid of Will Schuester, does all she can to mend the team in preparation for Nationals. Will appoints Quinn Fabray, to her dismay, to Mercedes' spot on The Troubletones and has Tina Cohen-Chang join her. Sue handles Mercedes by putting her on a schedule that will hopefully bring her temperature down.

Emma Pillsberry approaches a very sad Will. Will doesn't want to let the kids down by having their last year be in a loss. Emma comforts him but is unable to sway the doubtful thoughts. Just then Shannon Beiste calls Will downstairs for an emergency where he finds the kids in a fight with one another. The team expresses frustration because of their extensive time rehearsing until Santana Lopez tells the team that, with or without Mercedes Jones, they will all perform to the best of their ability or she'll "go Lima Heights on their asses!" Will solves their worry by telling them that this anger is from passion and want to win.

Jesse St. James approaches Rachel Berry about her choke. Jesse takes advantage of Unique's new appearance despite it being Mercedes and Kurt's doing. Rachel tells Jesse that he needn't worry despite New Directions' inevitable win. The two laugh and Jesse congratulates Finn on his wedding with Rachel.

Finn interrupts Will's speech by saying that they want to win it for him, their "teacher of a lifetime." The bell rings, Mercedes enters, and the team rejoices in their hopes of winning.

Will Schuester sits down to watch New Directions who are performing first. He is noticably nervous before the judges are announced: Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton and Martin Fong, Chicago assemblyman.

The New Directions, The Troubletones in specific, start Nationals off by singing Edge of Glory, featuring Tina, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Mercedes. When The Troubletones end, Rachel looks out to see Carmen Tibideaux's seat empty. Rachel makes her way onto the stage and performs It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Deon. During Rachel's powerful performance, Carmen makes her way to her seat with a smile. Rachel receives a standing ovation and runs to her very proud boyfriend. Afterwards, the entire group of New Directions performs Paradise By The Dashboard Light. The performance features solos by several of New Directions members and forces the crowd into a frenzy.

Mercedes and Kurt approach Wade Adams who can't conjure Unique. Wade can't handle being the poster child for everyone who's ever felt different. Mercedes and Kurt try to make him feel better by giving him courage. Wade hints that 'unique' may need to switch schools next year. Kurt and Mercedes are able to get Wade to conjure Mystique who, with Vocal Adrenaline, performs Starships. Vocal Adrenaline's advanced dance choreography seem to outdue New Directions'. Vocal Adrenaline shifts into Pinball Wizard, where Vocal Adrenaline dances around using Pinball machines as props.

In the Judge's room, Martin Fong appears bragging about his show choir obsessions while Perez Hilton questions Lindsay's presence at something she's not knowledgable about. Lindsay says she knows what it's like to chase talent and that she's willing to help seek those that deserve it. Martin Fong asks them to narrow it down to the top three. Perez Hilton offers his enjoyment of The Portland Scale Blazers performance of Starlight Express. Martin Fong then says he enjoyed New Directions' energy and that they should also be in the top three. Lindsay agrees with Fong, saying that they weren't the best but that they were charismatic. Perez Hilton interrupts by voicing his opinion that Vocal Adrenaline should win because Unique is a star. He talks to the other judges into his favor. The three judges want to hurry the awards and come to their conclusion.

Jesse St. James aproaches Carmen by saying Rachel Berry deserves the spot in NYADA. Before he leaves Carmen remembers his audition.

New Directions receive first place!

New Directions, Vocal Adrenaline and The Portland Scale Blazers await the awards. Winning the individual show choir award is Wade Adams. In third place is The Portland Scale Blazers. The choir awarded first place is New Directions. New Directions cry in delight as confetti drops from the cieling and the crowd goes wild.

New Directions celebrates their win!

New Directions return to school. The hockey players emerge with icee cups which, to their surprise, is filled with confetti rather than icee. The team is embraced by the staff and student body with hugs, cheers and smiles. Sue is given her spot back as Cheerios coach and the school is awarded $10,000 dollars. Tongue Tied plays in the background as the choir group celebrates. In the choir room, they proudly place their impressively tall trophy.

Principle Figgins invites Finn and Rachel to their house and gives them presents for their contributions, though very invaluable. Figgins goes on to ask them to perform at a secret event that Figgins asks, "can you keep a secret?"

While Emma helps Will get dressed, he shows appreciation for not only their passionate night but for all the support she gave him during his time with New Directions. Sue, sporting a formal tall hat and track suit, approaches the two. Sue Sylvester admits to knowing that she's going to win teacher of the year because of her fake cabinet that she hid Becky Jackson in located in Figgins' office. Will thanks Sue for all her help.

Will Schuester receives the Teacher of the Year Award

Figgins calls out "Finchel" and Finn and Rachel are welcomed to the stage to announce the teacher of the year. Will is ecstatic in the audience and everyone cheers him on. Finn asks him to wait before he walks on the stage. Finn commends Schuester for the valuable lessons he bestowed upon them, and for teaching his students how to dream. Rachel thanks him for his part in getting her to New York. After the two's speaches, New Directions performs We Are The Champions in Mr. Schuester's honor. Finn and Rachel get Will onto the stage during the performance and the choir group individually gives him hugs. A teary eyed Will receives his award and thanks each kid for their journey together.

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