Mike Chang

Mike Chang
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Harry Shum Jr. as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Color black
Dating Tina Cohen-Chang
Ex-Relationships N/A
Family Mike Chang Sr. (father); Julia Chang (mother)
Friends New Directions;
First Appearance Preggers
Played By Harry Shum Jr.

Mike Chang was a member of the McKinley High football team, as well as a member of New Directions. However, Mike is special. Instead of singing with the rest of the group, he specializes in dance. This is evident when he performs Sing! in Duets. However, he is seen singing during songs later in the season, showing that he really can sing, he just may not like to.

Mike is clearly the best male dancer on New Directions and has become confident in his aspirations of dance because of New Directions.

Mike's aspirations obtained from New Directions are obtained when his girlfriend, Tina Cohen-Chang, gets sends in an application for a dancing school where he is accepted. Mike is an alumni to New Directions and McKinley High School and plans on achieving his dreams with dance.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Before the Show

Before becoming a loyal member of New Directions, Mike Chang admits to be afraid of dancing outside of his room. He was a former football player who was well respected at his school. His life drastically changed when he decided to chase his dream of dancing and joined New Directions. He admits this during the song To Sir with Love, when the members of the club express their love for the club, as they believe this is their last meeting together.

[edit] Season One

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

[edit] I Am Unicorn

Mike Chang is promoted to director of Booty Camp, an after school program designed to better the performance of New Directions' dance ability. Alongside Will Schuester, Mike pushes the members to perform dance tecnhiques they otherwise thought impossible.

[edit] Asian F

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Mike Chang receives an A- on his chemistry test, otherwise known as an "Asian F", thus the naming of the title. Mike Chang Sr., Mike's dad, comes into Principle Figgins's office, declaring that Mike needs to be drug tested every day. He is either on drugs or distracted by something. He then demands that Mike dump Tina Cohen-Chang, his girlfriend, and drop everything about New Directions, as they're both bringing his academic future down and keeping him from becoming a doctor. Mike pleads to stay with his girlfriend and the group, promising that he'll pull his weight.

When Tina later asks Mike if he'll be coming over for his play practice, Mike tells her that he wants to quit the play - just before the auditions that he's been working so hard for! Tina suggests that he simply tells his dad the truth, that he loves to dance. Mike stresses that with grades, New Directions, football and Booty camp is too much for him.

On his way down the hallway, Mike passes a room equiped with dancing supplies. Mike takes time to practice some of his moves. He begins to dance on one side of the room when he envisions his father appear, telling him that he's wasting his time with dance. Mike refuses the image of his father, shading to the other side of the room where he sees his girlfriend, Tina, who tells him that his dance is how he expresses himself - that his dancing is why she fell in love with him.

Mike shows up to his audition for Riff, a singing and dancing role, late. Emma Pillsberry informs him that this role will require a large amount of singing ability, and Mike tells her he knows. He sings Cool from West Side Story, a song brilliantly choreographed and sung very well, leaving the judges, Artie Abrams, Emma and Coach Beiste very happy.

Mike is seen in the practicing room again later in the show. His mother, Mrs. Chang walks in and startles him. She asks Mike to tell her the truth; she knows he's been skipping tutoring for something else, and since she's been covering for him with his father, she deserves the truth. Mike confesses his love for dancing and that he wants to continue with it. His mom encourages his dreams much to his surprise, saying that she wants him to live his dreams, not hers. She says that when Mike gets the part of Riff that the two of them will tell his father together.

[edit] The First Time

Mike's father yells at him outside his locker. Mike Sr. demands that Mike quit the play immediately because it's getting in his way of his future, but Mike tells him that he will not. Mike Sr. tells him that he will not be a father to someone who acts so much like a child, so Mike Jr. tells him, "I guess I don't have a father."

It's also known when Rachel Berry calls for a girl-meeting to resolve her losing her virginity to Finn Hudson problem that Mike and Tina Cohen-Chang recently had sex over the summer. Tina is the only one who gives Rachel good advice, assuring her that if it's with the right person, they'll just know when it's right, and they'll have no regrets.

When Mike performs his part in West Side Story, he smiles at his proud mother in the audience. His smile soon fades when he notices the empty chair next to her, though, showing Mike that his father does not support his dancing dream.

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