Michael (E55)


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Aired January 31, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 10

In a special episode in celebrating the music of Michael Jackson, the rivalry between New Directions and the Dalton Academy Warblers intensifies en route to Regionals.

Michael (E55) is Season Three's tenth episode aired on the last day of 2011.

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Some of the New Directions kids walk down the school's hallway of McKinley talking about Michael Jackson, the music sensation. Mercedes Jones voices her sorrow in not getting their (The Troubletones) chance in doing a tribute to him. Blaine Anderson starts 'Michael Week' off by singing Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.

Finn Hudson approaches Rachel Berry that it's been exactly three days and that she should give him a response, now. Rachel says that this is happening fast, however, and that she will want to marry him someday but not now. Finn shows her the ring he got her and says that she just has to look at the rings to remind herself. Rachel promises Finn that she doesn't need rings to stay with him.

At Lima Bean, Blaine Anderson quizzes the group on their favorite Michael Jackson moment. Artie Abram says that when he first pulled the moon walk off, Artie uttered his first words, "God Damn!" Kurt Hummel gives Michael his thanks for pulling off the Military Jacket until Kurt made it iconic. Rachel Berry cuts in and announces that she has never understood him (Michael Jackson). She agrees that he's an amazing performer but that she hasn't connected with him like she does with other broadway performers. The others tease that they're no longer going to talk to her, so Rachel agrees to doing a number based off of Michael purely out of their excitement over him.

Just then Sebastion Smythe enters and announces that Dalton Academy, first to go during Regionals, will be performing an MJ song. He admits to hearing their plans and changed the Warbler's set list accordingly. When Rachel demands how he found out, Sebastion tells the group that Blaine Anderson indirectly told him when they were talking over the phone. When Kurt interrupts the conversation, Sebastion makes a snyde remark, "Oh, hey Kurt, I didn't notice you; you're wearing boy clothes for once!" Santana Lopez stands up but is told off by Sebastion, something Santana is not accustomed to.

Sebastion tells the group that he is now the captain of Dalton Academy Warblers and that he is bored with playing nice.

Tina Cohen-Chang leads New Directions into the choir room as they stand by their attempts to sing Michael Jackson. Noah Puckerman reminds the group that Blaine is the one who spilled to Sebastion and that he should be watched. Finn says that they should stop worrying and instead worry about winning.

Will Schuester enters to give the lesson of the week: what would Michael Jackson do? Blaine suggests that Michael would take it to the streets, though.

Dalton Academy Warblers are walking along the street at night and meet with Blaine and Santana. Santana tells the Warblers that they're having a "Michael Jackson-off" and the winner gets the King of Pop for Regionals. With a snap of her hand, Santana summons the remaining New Directions and the two groups perform Bad for the King of Pop. At the end of the song, Sebastion begins to throw a slushie at Kurt when Blaine interferes and takes it straight to the eye, leaving him clutching his face and the Warblers retreating into the darkness.

Kurt Hummel enters the choir room to tell the others that Blaine's eye will need surgery. Will, surprised at the damage, ponders over how a slushie could do so much damage. Finn steps in and assures Will that it wasn't a normal slushie - something was in it! The group of kids tell Will that Sebastion is evil and that they need to fight back, but Will's zero-violence policy restricts them from doing it.

Artie snaps in anger, though, and tells Will that he wants to hurt the world like it's hurt him. He doesn't understand why he has to cope with so much pain and can't fight back. Will tells him to take a break and Artie, standing out of his wheelchair, performs Scream with Mike Chang. Artie snaps back after his performance and rolls out of the classroom.

Rachel Berry finds Quinn Fabray in the bathroom and asks about an 'adult problem'. Rachel tells Quinn that Finn proposed and that she needs help with her answer. Quinn immediately suggests not doing it, but Rachel describes her love for Finn and begins to sway the answer.

Quinn then reveals a letter from Yale, her ticket out of Lima, Ohio. Do to Quinn's straight A's whilst being pregnant, her chances excelled and was accepted into her dream school. Rachel gives Quinn a hug and tells her that it'll be great. Quinn assures Rachel that she will get her N.Y.A.D.A scholarship soon and that she has nothing to fear.

Quinn continues by telling Rachel that come next year, she won't know why she ever loved anyone during High School and that she'd hate to drag them into her bright future. Quinn suggests dumping Finn, no matter how hard it may be, in order to fullfill her dreams after High School. Rachel doesn't like the sound of it, but Quinn assures Rachel that it's the only way. Quinn begins a performance of Never Can Say Goodbye as she embraces Finn, Puck and Sam, her three loves throughout High School. Quinn's song ends in the Choir room as New Directions express happiness for her acceptance into Yale. The group tells her that they're proud of her. Quinn tells them that they're the reason why she's where she is and that, looking at Rachel, it takes letting go to get places.

Santana Lopez finds Kurt in a room alone and asks what's up. Kurt says that he's planned the past hour figuring out how he can hurt Sebastion. He refuses to take action, though, because he's fought violence for too long. Santana agrees with him but assures Kurt that, through the 'high road', they will beat him.

Mercedes Jones gets a text from Sam Evans to meet her in the audotorium. He lights her name up on a screen and asks her to do a duet, Human Nature. Mercedes rejects the idea until Sam begins his guitar and the lights dim. She begins the song as a smile curls on Sam's lips. At the end of the song, the two kiss.

Burt Hummels enters Kurt's spanish class and brings him out to show him his N.Y.A.D.A letter. Kurt struggles with opening the letter. His father assures him that he's there for him no matter what. Kurt shakes as he opens the letter and announces that he's a finalist. His father cries and gives Kurt a hug, telling Kurt, "they can never take this away from you... you won!" Kurt runs to Rachel in the hallway and tells Rachel that he's a finalist. When he finds out Rachel didn't get hers, he tries to comfort her. Rachel breaks down and understands that she has no future for herself. Kurt hugs her in attempt to comfort her.

Kurt is reading to Blaine Anderson while he lays in bed just as Rachel and Finn enter the room. Rachel brings chicken noodle soup and Finn brings eye-patch-movies. Blaine celebrates Kurt's acceptance into NYADA as the others, who know Rachel wasn't accepted, look awkward. Blaine tells the others that he feels sad about missing Michael Week, so they bring it to him. They sing Blaine Ben.

Santana approaches Dalton Academy Warblers and says that he may lose an eye. Santana challenges Sebastion to a duel as they sing Criminal. Santana immediately says she was better at the end and demands to know what he put in the slushie. Sebastion admits to putting rock salt in it just before throwing a slushie at her, too.

Santana Lopez rushes the New Directions into the choir room before Mr. Schuester can get there. Santana tells the others that, with Artie's help, she had a hidden camera and was able to get Sebastion Smythe to admit he put rock salt in the slushie that he threw at Blaine.

Kurt immediately rejects it because he doesn't think they should fight fire with fire. He tells the others that he has a safer, better way of teaching The Warblers a lesson and takes the kids to the audotorium.

As he leaves, Finn asks Rachel to stay with him and he locks the door. Finn assures her that she can take her time but that he left out the most important part of his question. He stops talking and begins singing I Just Can't Stop Loving You, with Rachel chiming in. At the end of the song Rachel tells him that he's the love of her life and that she will marry him.

The Warblers sit and listen to New Directions' proposal. New Directions say that they are taking the high road and that they won't perform Michael. They tell The Warblers that they don't know Michael, though, and that they'll prove that they do and to show The Warblers what it's about. New Directions perform Black or White and the Warblers, albeit Sebastion, join in.

Santana says that she can get him arrested as she pulls out her tape recorder. They prove that Sebastion is a horrible person to the rest of his team and give him the tape so that he can suffer the agony of defeat at Regionals.

Rachel approaches Kurt in the hallway with her NYADA letter. Rachel tells Kurt that she's a finalist but immediately appears depressed when Kurt asks, "have you told Finn yet?"

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