Mercedes Jones

Mercedes Jones
Mercedes Jones.jpg

Amber Riley as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender female
Age 17
Hair Color black
Dating Sam Evans
Ex-Relationships Shane Tinsley (ex boyfriend); Noah Puckerman (ex boyfriend); Kurt Hummel (one sided crush)
Family Unnamed parents; unnamed brother
Friends New Directions
First Appearance Pilot (E1)
Played By Amber Riley

Mercedes Jones is a senior at William McKinley High School. Mercedes is African-American, and a feisty and sassy rock star-type girl. She is a constant contribution to New Directions and has been since the day she joined.

Mercedes is a graduate of William McKinley High School and, because of her Inferno tape made by Sam Evans, has a contract to be a R&B backup singer. This is stated in Goodbye.


[edit] Before the Show

Merceedes is a nice girl, who joins Glee Club because of her dreams to be a star. When she is in Glee Club, she had to learn the lessons of patience and humility. Mercedes once doubted herself because of her weight, but her best friend, Kurt Hummel, had her back when the outside world did not accept who they really were. Together, the pair produced beautiful music.

She was formerly a cheerleader for the cheerleading squad at McKinley High. She was with Kurt, and was under the direction of the former squad leader, Sue Sylvester. However, they eventually were kicked off of the team because of Sue's cruel vengeance.

[edit] Biography

Mercedes Jones as seen on the television show, Glee.

[edit] Season One

[edit] Pilot

Mercedes Jones is the first person to give an audition to New Directions with the song Respect. The next seen Mercedes is in is when Finn Hudson becomes the male lead and Rachel Berry and him get the spotlight in the song You're The One That I Want. Mercedes breaks up what Kurt admits to being "the best performance they've had," to complain that she's no back up singer but a 'beyonce,' her way of telling Mr. Schuester that she doesn't enjoy being supporting vocals. The others convince her to deal with it because of how much they've improved with Finn, so she obliges. When Finn rejoins New Directions after recently dropping, he assigns Mercedes the job to costume design them clothes that 'need to be cool'. Mercedes points out her attire and tells him that she's on it.

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

[edit] The Purple Piano Project

As of The Purple Piano Project, Mercedes Jones is going out with new McKinley High School student, Shane Tinsley, linebacker for the football team.

Mercedes grows impatient of Rachel Berry's constant solos and spotlight in Asian F, so when Booty Camp, a camp Will Schuester creates to get their dancing ability improved, pushes her to the edge, she decides to quit. Mercedes defects to The Troubletones, a new choir begun by Shelby Corcoran, funded by its previous sole member, Sugar Motta.

[edit] Pot O' Gold

In the following episode, Pot O' Gold, Mercedes is able to persuade both Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce into defecting as well. This enables the club to participate in Sectionals 2011 because of its increase in number.

The five of them - Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, Sugar and Shelby - come up the name The Troubletones and become an official Glee Club at William McKinley High School.

[edit] Hold On To Sixteen

Mercedes is approached by Sam Evans, who rejoined during the episode, who asks if he has a chance with getting back with her. Mercedes reminds him that what they had was just a summer fling and that her new boyfriend is the linebacker. She walks down the hall as he yells at her, "I don't care how big your boyfriend is. I'm not going to give up," to which Mercedes smiles at.

Mercedes leads the mash up of Survivor/I Will Survive with Santana Lopez. Their amazing performance got them second, however, and Santana, Brittany, Sugar and herself rejoin New Directions, disbanding The Troubletones.

The four of them walk into the audotorium while New Directions is celebrating. Each one of them, Mercedes by Quinn, get pulled into the celebration to officialize their rejoining.

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