Matheus Fernandes

Matheus Fernandes
Age  19
Hometown  Atlanta, Georgia
Date Eliminated  July 17, 2011

Matheus Fernandes was a contendor of season one of The Glee Project. Matheus was admired for his courage through his small height and overall "sexiness" which Ryan Murphy asked him to focus on.

Matheus was born and raised in Brazil and hadn't lived in the United States until eight years ago when, through hard work, learned the English language with his trusty dictionary.


[edit] About

Matheus was a very interesting character throughout The Glee Project. Throughout the show, he struggled with others, such as Alex Newell, because of confidence and ability to perform. Matheus began the show, however, very strongly. Matheus' main struggle was with his confidence while performing. Alex's degrading input on Matheus' "wails" might have affected this, and Matheus simply couldn't stand on par with the others.

Matheus' main quality that fit the show was his height; he is a very short human being. This was a unique new concept that Ryan Murphy admired, especially because Matheus was also representing a "sexy feeling", too.

[edit] Songs Performed

[edit] Last Chance Performances

Through the five episodes that Matheus was on set, he performed three last chance performances. Through these chances to see Ryan Murphy, Matheus was told to enhance the "sexy" vibe that he emits when he performs Down during one of three performances. Sadly he isn't able to excel as well in this department as Ryan would have liked.

[edit] Homework Assignments

During Matheus' time on the show he started out with flare, winning two of the first three Homework Assignments. Unfortunately for Matheus, he was unable to keep stability through the show and slowly wore down until elimination.

[edit] Elimination Date

Sadly Matheus' burst of success at the beginning of the show declined as later shows and contestants dissapeared. Though he was a strong contendor, he was unable to compete against some of the stronger voices on set. During some of the dance routines and even backstage Matheus struggled with internal and external conflicts, resulting in an imperfect last chance performance which left him packing his bags for home.

Contestant Elimination Date Episode
Bryce Ross-Johnson June 12, 2011 Individuality
Ellis Wylie June 19, 2011 Theatricality
Emily Vásquez June 26, 2011 Vulnerability
McKynleigh Abraham July 10, 2011 Dance Ability
Matheus Fernandes July 17, 2011 Pairability
Marissa von Bleicken July 24, 2011 Tenacity
Cameron Mitchell July 31, 2011 Sexuality
Hannah Mclalwain August 7, 2011 Believability
Samuel Larsen Winner Glee-ality
Lindsay Pearce Runner-Up Glee-ality
Damian McGinty Jr. Winner Glee-ality
Alex Newell Runner-Up Glee-ality
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