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Mash Off
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Mash Off, Episode 50
Aired November 15th, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 6

Mash Off is the sixth episode in Season Three and is the fiftieth episode overall. Mash Off aired on November 15th, 2011.

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Noah Puckerman's obsession with Shelby Corcoran has him following and admiring her at school. He performs the song Hot For Teacher in New Directions to kick start the week and introduce the intense feeling that will soon follow.

To institute a Glee Club competitive mood, Shelby and Will gather their respective clubs to sing together. The two tell their groups to meet in the autotorium at the same time, and they perform You and I by Lady Gaga which is applaused by the two groups. Will tells them that even two conflicting things can come together to be something great. He admits that both groups will not be performing togother, but rather that each team will perform a Mash Off against the other for William McKinley High School's first ever Mash Off.

Noah Puckerman admits his love for Shelby Corcoran and shows her a list of why he believes they should be together. Shelby tells him that he's just in a dream and will get over it, but Noah tells her that she's been in his dreams and that they deserve to be together. Noah tells her that she knows this will happen, advising the audience that the possibility of Noah and Shelby is something to look out for.

Will enters the Glee Club meeting requesting a song for the Mash Off. Finn Hudson suggests that their song needs to be something featuring unity, as their group needs to feel united through the difficult time of losing three of their better singers. He suggests that Rory Flannagan star the song they choose, as he's a newer member representing the theme and meaning behind the Club's original intentions - people bonding together because they're rejected in the outside world due to their obscure nature.

Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman head down the school's hallway while Quinn informs Puck the routine to reobtaing Beth Corcoran, their baby, who was adopted by Shelby Corcoran last season. Noah's end of the job is to get on Shelby's good side, so she allows the two to babysit Beth more often. Ironically, Quinn is unaware of the romantic relationship that both Noah and Shelby are expirementing with. Quinn, to gain Shelby's trust as well, asks Shelby if she can join The Troubletones.

Rory and Finn head down the hall while Rory tells him that he has his back no matter what. They admit that Santana's insults are getting on their nerves. Santana and her perpetual insults happen to stroll by as they're talking about her, and Finn counters with an insult himself. Rory and his Irish attempt at an insult has Santana laughing and telling the two that she grew up with insults. Finn challenges Santana to a dodgeball match after school.

Rachel Berry talks to Shelby in the audotorium about her attempt at getting into a school in New York. Rachel asks for Shelby's reccomendation and offers her a pre-written letter. Shelby agrees to signing it and tells Rachel just how proud of her she is.

In the gym afterschool the two teams strap up in gym clothes to prepare for the dodgeball battle. Rachel Berry explains that she wants Kurt back as a friend, but he rejects her attempt at reestablishing their friendship because of how she treated him with presidential elections.

Santana assures Finn that he's going down, but Finn tells her that she has something coming to her. Rory, just before the match begins, asks what the rules are and is told by Noah, "don't die!" New Directions, dressed in red, and The Troubletones and co., dressed in black, sing Hit Me With Your Best Shot and One Way Or Another by Blondie and Pat Banatar while hurling balls at one another. The Troubletons take a huge lead until only Finn is left. Santana nails Finn in the face. When the match is over Santana and her group project dodgeballs at Rory until his nose bleeds, aggrivating Kurt who tells them they're better than that.

In The Troubletones meeting, Santana Lopez expresses her desire to further torment Finn Hudson and the New Directions. Mercedes Jones tells her that she needs to lay off and that, as The Troubleton's leader, wants her to focus on the Mash Off song. Santana is first confused at Mercedes thinking she is the leader, but the group votes her leader due to her initiative and revival of the group. Mercedes tells her that she is a star member and needs to represent, but that she needs to play fair. Shelby asks the group to show that they are better, not meaner, and Santana pledges to agree with it.

In the hallway Santana stops both Finn and Rory to apologize. She admits that Finn is not fat. She tells him that she is sorry that the New Directions is going to be destroyed, that he has no talent, that he can't dance and that he has boobs.

Finn tells her that she should just come out of the closet and that she tears everyone down because she tears herself down all the time. He tells her that he thinks she is a coward, and Santana is unable to respond to him.

Burt Hummel needs Will to fight fire with fire with Sue Sylvester because her lies and degrading nature is going to lose their jobs.

Noah's over at Shelby's house and watching Beth who she admits likes him very much. Noah comes clean to Shelby that Quinn planted illegal evidence around her house to get her in trouble with Child Protective Services. He admits that he used to think Beth was an accident, but he now knows that she was meant to be in the world. His admiration for Beth touches Shelby's heart.

Will Schuester opens up the first round of the school's first ever Mash Off. Finn and Santana have a rock paper scissors match to see who goes first. Finn wins with paper over rock and New Directions perform first, playing I Can't Go For That and You Make My Dreams Come True played by Hall & Oates.

In the gym the senior presidency elections is held. He announces the first candidate, Rick Nielson, Rick "The Stick" Nielson. Brittany Pierce says that she will make tornadoes illegal and keep you all safe. She also pledges to go topless, to which the crowd goes wild. Kurt Hummel adresses the audience saying he's targetting the problem of obesity, while the other contestants use lying tactics. He refuses to be bullied and refuses the other bullying of others, and asks to ban dodgeball from the school because it's a violent, painful game. He wants to send a strong message that violence isn't ok. Rachel Berry announces that she plans to save the school thousands of dollars, and tells the audience that she wants to withdraw and that the audience should vote for Kurt Hummel, the person who deserves the spot.

In the hallway Kurt asks why she does it. Rachel tells him that he needs it to get into college and that being class president would get him on top. She hated him hating her, and he admits that he did as well. The two know that their individual dreams got in the way of their friendship and that now they know better. Rachel agrees to help Kurt get into the college, too.

Quinn Fabray enters Shelby's house with a present for Beth. Shelby tells her that she's aware of Quinn's attempt to get her baby back and that it was a very immature thing to do. Shelby tells Quinn that she's uncomfortable with Quinn around and that she is no longer welcome

Santana Lopez is summoned in Sue Sylvester's room with Will and Burt. Rick Nielson, a contestant in the presidential elections for the highscool, created a video targetting Sue's possibility of being lesbian. His reasoning was that Santana, her head cheer-leader, was a lesbian, proven by the conversation she had the other day with Finn in the hallway. Will and Burt both tell her that they can help her with it, as they've had first hand experience with handling Kurt, another gay student, but she runs out of the room in tears.

The Troubletones perform Rumour Has It and Someone Like You by Adele in their Mash Off performance. During the performance, Santana's voice is unquestionably excellent, but her performance is awkward and she looks uncomfortable with it. At the end of the performance Finn whispers to Rachel, "I think she looked really good," but, in her frustration, Santana accusses him of telling her about Santana's sexuality, too. She tells him everyone in the school already knows and slaps him across the face.

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