Marissa von Bleicken

Marissa Von Bleicken
Marissa Von Bleiken.jpg
Age  19
Hometown  New York
Date Eliminated  July 24, 2011

Marissa Von Bleicken was a contender in season one of The Glee Project. She was an incredible singer and actor, but she later realized that, along with the two, being able to fit a character is also essential to the show Glee. Marissa was asked to compete because of her long history during her highschool years and her Glee Club, as well as her overall ability to sing, dance and act.


[edit] About

Marissa was generally a nice, warming character during the season. Many of the other competers loved her and admired her skill and talent both on and off the set. Marissa won two back to back Homework Assignments and thought she was on the road to victory when she crashed and burned almost instantly.

Her long run with her own Glee Club at her highschool was one of the reasons she got into the show; she loves music and is very admirable.

[edit] Songs Performed

Like everyone else who had been in the shows featuring these songs, Marissa played in Firework by Katy Perry, We're Not Going To Take It by Twisted Sister, Mad World by Michael Andrews, U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer, Nowadays by Chicago, and Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice and Under Pressure by Queen was her last performance before being eliminated.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

Marissa wasn't in the bottom three often, so she hardly got to meet Ryan and fear defeat. In fact, besides the episode Pairability which everyone had to do, Marissa was only in the bottom three once!

  • In the episode Pairability, Marissa and Samuel sing Don't You Want Me by The Human League to save themselves from elimination.
  • During Marissa's only bottom three performance she sings Hater by Jill Scott; she is sent home after this performance.

[edit] Homework Assignments

Marissa's ability to sing was clearly evident when she took the show by the horns and won two back to back homework assignments.

  • During Pairability, Marissa won Need You Know for a one on one session with Glee's Blaine Anderson, so she could learn some one one one tips.
  • During Tenacity (TGP), Marissa won Bulletproof by showing her tenacity and throwing chairs around during the performance. She won one on one time with Glee's Dave Karofsky.

[edit] Elimination Date

During the sixth episode, Tenacity, Marissa wins the homework assignment and is led to believe that she's on the road to victory. During the music video, however, the judges don't think she was as electrifying as she normally is, so she's sent to the bottom three. During her last chance performance, she sings her heart out and is no doubt elevated above her competition when it comes to vocals. The judges don't think she's suitable as a character when compared to the others, though, so she's forced to say goodbye.

In later interviews she admits to understanding why she left, but she was, at the time, very confused on how someone doing so well could crash and leave so suddenly. Even some of the other members in the show were shocked to see her go home when she did.

Contestant Elimination Date Episode
Bryce Ross-Johnson June 12, 2011 Individuality
Ellis Wylie June 19, 2011 Theatricality
Emily Vásquez June 26, 2011 Vulnerability
McKynleigh Abraham July 10, 2011 Dance Ability
Matheus Fernandes July 17, 2011 Pairability
Marissa von Bleicken July 24, 2011 Tenacity
Cameron Mitchell July 31, 2011 Sexuality
Hannah Mclalwain August 7, 2011 Believability
Samuel Larsen Winner Glee-ality
Lindsay Pearce Runner-Up Glee-ality
Damian McGinty Jr. Winner Glee-ality
Alex Newell Runner-Up Glee-ality
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