Lauren Zises

Lauren Zises
Played By Ashley Fink
First Appearance Wheels
Currently Dating Noah Puckerman

Lauren Zises is a character in the show Glee. She is a heavy contributor to many clubs at the high school. She is a part of the Glee Club, the wrestling club, the Maid's Club and had once started a spying club. She's also known to enjoy the w.twilight:Twilight Saga very much, as well as Will Schuester's looks.

Lauren is known for her "hefty" appearance but also her ability to take control of things herself. She almost mirrors Noah Puckerman, the old school's bully, but being female instead of male.

Lauren joins the Glee club despite initially thinking it was stupid. Eventually she enjoys the fame it brings her and becomes close friends with the kids of Glee Club.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Before the Show

[edit] Relationships

Lauren's first known relationship started when she subsituted in for a missing spot during Glee Clubs' performance. Noah Puckerman promised that if she helped them out, that he'd give her seven minutes in heaven. However, Lauren doesn't give him more than three before telling him she's had better. Shocked, Noah becomes in love with the one girl who doesn't appreciate his good looks and charms. He makes it his mission to woe her, as he claims "she rocked his world". Eventually he earns the right to take her out to Breadstix and becomes her boyfriend through hard work.

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