Ken Tanaka

Ken Tanaka
Played By Patrick Gallagher
First Appearance Pilot
Currently Dating N/A

Ken Tanaka was the former football coach at the highschool and also former fiancee to Emma Pillsberry, the school's guidance teacher. Ken has no real aspirations in life other than meet someone he loves, as it's revealed through dialogue that he hardly cares about his hygiene or job.

Ken's only appearances are made in Season One on Glee and he serves primarily as a small, supporting role to the cast. At first, he supports Glee Club by influencing the Football Team to dance in hopes it'll boost the team morale. This act ultimately convinces a few players to join the Glee Club, including Mike Chang and Noah Puckerman. However, when Ken realizes the harm that Glee Club threatens to his team, he orders a Thursday practice - when Glee Club practices. This drives a major conflict between him and Will Schuester, director of the Glee Club, and eventually ends with Will winning.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Personality

Ken, during his short relationship with Emma Pillsberry, is seen as a passionate man who, despite his lacking appearance and overall depressing attitude, is able to love and care for another person. Emma, trying to get Will Schuester jealous, decides to date Ken. Her foolish and hasty actions lead to them almost getting married.

Ken notices the small affair while he's dating Emma and confronts Will, telling him that he's sick of being in Will's shadow as the second best. He shows courage and dedication to love, but almost takes Glee Club with him.

In the end, his football team leaves for Glee, leaving him to call off Thursday practice. Ken's depression grows when Emma leaves him and compels him to have a nervous breakdown, resulting in Ken leaving the cast for good.

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