Jesse St. James

Jesse St. James
Played By Jonathan Groff
First Appearance Hell-O
Currently Dating N/A

Jesse St. James is a major antagonist to the Glee Club in Season One. He is the main singer of Vocal Adrenaline, Glee Club's main rival. As well as being a top-notch singer, Jesse excels in dancing and acting, hobbies he practices throughout the season. During the four years Jesse was in Vocal Adrenaline, they won every one.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Before the Show

[edit] Relationships

Jesse had a short relationship with lead singer of Glee Club, Rachel Berry, but only under direct orders from his coach, Rachel's mother. He was ordered to get close to her and direct her towards her mother, but he got a little too into his acting gig and became too close to Rachel. During his mission he admits that he has some feelings for Rachel and that he doesn't want her to get hurt.

In the end, Jesse displays his passion for music by showing everyone that music is his only true love. As a popular Vocal Adrenaline prank is set on Rachel, Jesse doesn't hesitate to join in, lowering the morale and confidence of their rival.

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