Individuality (TGP2)

In Individuality, Season Two of The Glee Project's first episode, members were immediately asked to project the element about themselves that makes them who they are. Ryan Murphy and this episode's mentor, Lea Michelle, or Rachel Berry, asked the group of fourteen students to "let their geek flag fly!" in hopes of seeing their weaknesses or vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are what Ryan Murphy hopes to write about as a role on Glee.


[edit] The Homework Assignment

This week's assignment was to shine individuality while singing Lady GaGa's Born This Way.

[edit] Mentor

In this week's homework assignment, the contenders were immediately surprised with the appearance of Rachel Berry, Glee's first person casted and star of Glee. Rachel pleaded with the kids in hopes of seeing their individuality and witnessing what makes them special first hand.

[edit] Winner

Rachel makes time to compliment Dani Shay, Shanna Henderson, Mario Bonds and Lily Mae Harrington on their performances but chooses Shanna as the winner, complimenting her voice and telling her she, "wants to know more about her." With Rachel, Shanna was helped to reach the daunting task of a particularly difficult high note to reach. When recording with Nikki, Shanna reaches the note and surprises Nikki with her talent. Nikki describes her as, "a power house."

[edit] The Song

In this episode, contenders were asked to perform Whitesnake's Here I Go Again. The kids were faced with the challenge of expressing who they were while also performing in a group video. Taryn is described as "not being there" while Blake was complimented on his look and goofy personality. While working choreography, Aylin is told that she's "watching the show, not performing for the show." Tyler also had problems with dancing, while Maxfield found problems with performing in a group video.

In the performance, the kids are passing out flyers for their "rinky dink" glee club in high school. This performance, in their head, however, is on a rock concert stage. There performance in a multiuse room suddenly changes into a performance on a rock stage, outfits and make up reflecting this.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

When Ryan, Robert, Nikki and Zach walked into the room to announce bottom three, they began with who they thought performed the best: Shanna. They thought she was extremely confident and clear with who she was, and for that she was asked to be on call back.

Charlie, Ali, Michael, Blake, Abraham, Nellie, and Danni were put on call back as well.

Robert then goes to Mario, telling him that he'll need to convey emotions through his body rather than his eyes. Lily wasnt "popping". Mario and Lily were asked to pump it up but were put on call backs none the less.

Aylin was told she lost the "spitfire" they were initially drawn to. Max failed to perform well in the recording room and that he failed to perform. Tyler was told that he doesn't need to dance better but that he needs to be more comfortable with his new body. Taryn, in the studio, was told she was withdrawn and less confident. Robert supports her by saying she may have felt foreign from being so far away and, thus, is on the call back list. That leaves the following three on bottom three:

Aylin is asked to show her firey side; Max is asked to show his country side; Tyler is asked to show his lovely personality. Only Tyler expresses anger with the song given to him, as he feels uncomfortable with living up to the song given to him.

Aylin is up first and hopes to prove that her spitfire isnt lost. Ryan thinks she did great and asks her why she's in the bottom three. Aylin tells him that she doesn't think she wasn't herself but that she needs to step it up.

Tyler is up second and hopes to show his true personality off to Ryan. Ryan loves his story but doesn't know if he's that motivated by his talent. Ryan compliments Tyler on his personality and tells him that if he wants to succeed he's going to need to shine his personality more.

Maxfield is last and hopes to show the unique sound in his voice. Nikki says his performance was great and that she felt something with him. Ryan says he looked comfortable with this song and that he's a charmer.

In the end Maxfield was asked to leave.

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