I Kissed A Girl (E51)

I Kissed a Girl
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Aired November 29, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 7

The race for McKinley High President comes to an end, but someone is caught trying to fix the results.

I Kissed A girl is Season Three's seventh episode which aired on November 29, 2011.

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Santana Lopez, Finn Hudson, Shelby Corcoran and Will Schuester are in Principle Figgins' office because Santana slapped Finn last episode in Mash Off. Santana argues that it was her alter-ego who slapped Finn and not actually her. Figgins tells her that she will be suspended, but with Sectionals next week Santana is outraged. Finn stands up and tells Figgins that she did not slap him but rather pretended to in order to save her from missing Sectionals. When Santana becomes utterly confused at why he saved her, her competition. Finn says that he feels bad for her and that she's awesome because she's not just 'that bitch', but rather a very complicated person who acts out because she's not yet comfortable with herself. Finn's almost pushing Santana into expressing who she is but Santana can't understand why. Finn tells her that despite their constant arguments, Santana was his first and she means something to him.

Finn then suggests that all The Troubletones come back to New Directions so that they can join in a friendly preperation for Sectionals. When Santana asks if Will and Shelby are ok with it, Finn says that he has a plan and that she can either rejoin and be a part of Sectionals or sit on the sidelines while the others sing.

Rachel is walking down the hallway and hoping that Kurt Hummel wins the president elections. She passes Brittany Pierce who is handing out Pixie Stix and bribing her classmates with sugar, telling them that "it helps with concentration." When Rachel takes this up with Figgins, however, he merely tells her that "they're good!" Rachel is frustrated with how much her classmates are stuck in their own world and not willing to help Kurt get into NYADA thus helping her because her "best gay" would be able to move with her to New York.

When Rachel suggests that they "strum up a last minute duet" to get support and win Kurt the remaining votes, he tells her that that will never work. Too many kids are in Brittany's favor because of her silly and promising campaign slogan. Kurt will need to tamper with the ballot votes in order to win. Rachel protests that cheating isn't the right thing to do, but Kurt can't handle not getting into N.Y.A.D.A. and tells her that he has no other choice.

In the New Directions meeting, both New Directions and The Troubletones are present. Finn tells them that they will both be singing and performing songs devoted to and made by girls, helping Santana in her fight with publicizing her sexuality. Finn explains that all of New Directions knows about her and Brittany and that they celebrate it - it's what makes her, her. He tells her that no matter what happens in the outside world she should always know that she has a group of people who love her for who she is and that's why they're going to be doing "lady week".

Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel tell Santana that they'll be sharing the song that they sing to eachother in the car. Despite her insults, they sing Perfect by Pink anyway, expressing their feelings that no matter what or who you are, they'll appreciate her for who she is. New Directions and The Troubletones join in with the beat and laugh. Santana smiles at the end of the song and sarcastically thanks Kurt, Blaine and Finn for loving her what she truly is. To their dismay she adds in that she gets to add this into all the horrible things she's had to go through in her life.

Sue Sylvester is writing in her diary abot how her campaign is falling to pieces now that everyone is claiming she's a lesbian because of her short hair, coaching of an all girl sport, her attire consisting of all track suits and that she married herself. Despite all this Sue writes down that she truly is attracted to men, not women. She tells herself that she's going to need a man to prove these rumors false and looks through her "Sue's Booty Calls" book. She reaches the name Eureka and assures herself that she's found herself a man.

Emma Pillsberry, Shannon Beiste and Will Schuester are eating in the teacher's lounge at lunch when Emma asks what Coach Beiste is eating. She tells Emma that it's a chicken stuffed in a duck mashed in a turkey and that she's needing to eat so much because she's been tired recently. When Will asks why she explains that she's been a president advisor, her team and that her nights have been "well, busier lately". Will says that if she needs anything both he and Emma will help. Beiste asks if they can help out with counting the ballots because he quadriceps are sore from the excersize Cooter had her do the previous night, showing that their relationship is going good. They both are happy to help her out.

In a New Directions meeting, Noah Puckerman is singing I'm the Only One by Melissa Etheridge. Shelby seems annoyed by his persistant attempt to woe her.

Quinn Fabray approaches Noah and congratulates him on performing such an amazing song but that he was watching Shelby, not her. Noah slyly explains that he wants to get Shelby's attention so that they can continue babysitting Beth. Quinn pulls in closer to Noah and tells him that she'll be home alone on Friday and is willing to have sex with him. Noah surprisingly refuses Quinn's offer and tells her that's she's high maintanence; she's the most selfish person he knows and is a little crazy. He walks off and leaves her astonished.

Finn asks Santana if she enjoys this week's assignment to which she asks why he's 'forcing her out of the closet'. Finn admits that he saw a viral video recently of a gay kid killing himself because of the negative feedback he got and that he doesn't want Santana to do the same. She handles it now by insulting others, but when that's not enough he thinks she'll start attacking herself. Santana sarcastically says that she wouldn't ever do that. Finn emotionally tells her that she means something to him and that he wouldn't ever not do something for her because he'd regret it.

Finn Hudson sings a very emotional Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper to New Directions. The other guys join in on the song and Santana begins to cry. Santana finally stands up and sincerely thanks Finn for what he did, no witty insults or comments afterwards.

Shannon Beiste is at Breadstix and seen ordering a very large amount of food, presumably for herself and Cooter, her boyfriend. She notices Becky Jackson at a nearby table taking pictures of somehow. Upon further investigation, Beiste notices that Sue Sylvester is on a date with her boyfriend, Cooter. Sue tells Beiste that Cooter has been her booty call since the late 1990's and Cooter doesn't seem to mind. Shanon Beiste begins to walk away when Cooter asks how she is. She admits that she is hurt, but Cooter says that he didn't think she was interested; she only wanted to workout and when he tried to hold her hand she punched him. She protests that it was just a reflex, but Cooter doesn't want a buddy; he wants a partner. Shanon walks away.

It's president elections at William McKinley High School and everyone seems to know that Brittany's winning. Rachel and Finn motivate a doubtful Kurt by saying that he's going to reel in some last minute votes. Members of New Directions and The Troubletones are seen voting in the booths until Kurt enters and we hear his thoughts: he's worried that his future relies on a simple box full of ballots.

Shanon Beiste is bummed out that Sue took her man and tells this to Will and Emma. Will promises that Sue is going to lose it all in the end, but Shanon is so upset with Sue that she sings Jolene by Dolly Parton, expressing her jealousy of Sue. She is crying and Rachel asks if she's ok. Shanon Beiste says she's fine and Rachel concurs that she is too.

Santana walks down the hallway and appears to be annoyed by all the attention she's getting because of the commercial announcing her sexuality. A rugby captain for the sophomore class approaches and tells Santana that she's a "challenge and that he's just the guy to set her straight." Girls from New Directions and The Troubletones come to Santana's aid and tell the guy to leave her along. Quinn chimes in and says that her sexuality is not her choice and that even if it was he would never stand a chance with her. He calls them all lesbians to which Rachel tells him even if they were he'd never have a chance with any of them. The girls break out in I Kissed a Girl led by Rachel and Santana down the hallway.

Santana tells both choir groups that she told her parents about her sexuality and that she plans to someday tell her grandma, too. Her parents were surprisingly ok with it. Figgins interrupts and demands Kurt to come to his office.

Principle Figgins, Burt Hummel, Kurt and Coach Beiste are all in Figgins' office. Figgins congratulates Burt on his success during his campaign but tells Kurt that someone tampered with the Ballots because there are more ballots than seniors in his class. Kurt admits to thinking about cheating but that he didn't actually do it. Burt's angry that he thought about it, but Kurt pleads innocent.

Kurt walks up to Rachel and Finn in the hallways and explains what happens. If they can prove that he tampered with the results, he could get suspended and not only lose the election but his lead in the play and any chance of NYADA. Rachel tell Kurt she's very sorry and he says the worst part is that, for a moment, he thought had had actually won. Kurt walks off crying.

Rachel admits to Finn that she did it because she wanted to help him so bad. Finn says that she has to tell Figgins, but Rachel argues that she'll get suspended that way. Finn asks whether her taking the blame or Kurt taking the blame better and leaves her in the hallway.

During math class Noah Puckerman, to the surprise of his class, answers what the quadratic formula is correctly. He gets a random call and leaves the classroom, announcing a family emergency.

In the hospital he meets Shelby who tells him that Beth slipped, fell and blood was everywhere. The doctor says that Beth will only need some stiches and Puck holds on to Shelby. The scene cuts to Shelby's bed where the two have assumingly had sex. Shelby says that it's not right and that he needs to leave. Puck calls her a coward and leaves.

Santana Lopez is at your grandma's house and tells her that she wants to tell her a secret. Santana says that she cares very much about her grandma and that she loves girls the way she's supposed to feel about boys. Santana wants to share it with her grandma because it's something about herself that not many people know. Santana doesn't want to fight anymore; she's tired and wants to just be herself.

Her grandma tells her that some secrets are meant to be kept secret and that she no longer wants to see Santana. Santana pours into tears.

Noah Puckerman and Quinn Fabray are making out in Quinn's bed. Quinn tries to persuade Puck into making another baby. Noah says that he'll help her because no one else will and she's a mess. She says that she's over with her "crazies" but asks him to lie with her. Puck says that he has a secret that he wants her to hear.

Sue is grimacing over her campaign results - Burt Hummel won. Beiste enters and says that they no longer have to pretend to be something they're not. Sue admits that Cooter is the best thing that's come into her life since Becky. Beiste says that she'd do anything to win him back and that she will not go down without a fight.

Will Schuester and Shelby Corcoran congratulate the two choir groups on how well they supported eachother this week despite being on two different teams. Kurt publicly announces that he's glad Brittany won and the two hug it out. Tina Cohen-Chang notices that Quinn looks sad and asks if she's ok. Quinn snaps out of her day dream and nods.

Will asks if Santana will end the week with a song. Santana says that she picked a song to give her strength and which helps her get through. Santana performs Constant Craving. During the song Shelby passes a sad Puck; Kurt fills out his NYADA application feeling doubtful; Rachel walks down the hallway towards the choir room crying.

Rachel Berry enters the choir room and announces that she told Figgins she tampered with the ballot results. She says that it will go on her permanent record, that she's suspended for a week and that she can not compete at sectionals.

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