I Am Unicorn (E46)

I Am Unicorn
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Aired September 27th, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 2

I Am Unicorn is the second episode to Season Three of Glee.

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In this episode, Will Schuester immediately begins by telling the kids that he will be instituting a Booty Camp, an after school program to help the kids with their dance ability. Only a few of the kids are asked to go, as they aren't very good at dancing. Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel, Noah Puckerman and Mercedes Jones are among this group, as is Mike Chang, Will's assistant. Blaine Anderson asks to catch up on his skill, too, and Quinn Fabray later joins after she cleans herself up.

In order to put time in this new camp, Will gives the school play up to Emma Pillsberry and the football coach, despite Rachel Berry's disapproval because neither of them are capable of successfully running the play. In order to make up for this, Will asks Artie Abrams to help direct the play! During auditions, things heat up between the contestants! Rachel and Mercedes compete for the lead female role, while Kurt and Blaine compete (though Blaine didn't intend to) for the lead male role. Because Artie didn't see Kurt as a masculine character, the description for the role he wanted, he asked Blaine to play it even though he tried out for a lesser role.

While all this is happening, Brittany Pierce is making a campaign for a class president. To follow her slogan, "I am Unicorn", she asks Kurt Hummel to represent the unicorn, one who is not afraid to show who he or she is. Kurt accepts and is happy that Brittany will work as a vice-president and reel him in easy votes from those that she knows. However, in his attempt to be manly he strips the hallways of the posters and explains that he doesn't want to be exhibited in such ways. Kurt tells his dad, Burt Hummel, later that he would like to play manly roles, too, in plays, but he is told that he won't be able to - he should, instead, create his own roles for who he is, an interesting, unique individual. Kurt happily accepts and runs back to Brittany to reapply the posters. Brittany had changed her mind, however, and decided that she, too, was a unicorn and that she would be running for president.

Later Kurt is seen surprising Blaine with flowers as an apology for making the tryouts such a big deal. He tells Blaine that his audition was flawless and that it would be ridiculous for any other person to obtain the male lead.

In the meantime, Rachel's mother returns to the show as another choir teacher. Sugar Motta's father, a rich man, specifically paid Shelby Corcoran to give his talentless daughter singing lessons. Though Will's curious about her intentions at first, Shelby assures him that she's only here to make things right. Her return is a big impact on Rachel, but her main reason for returning was to reunite with her daughter and allow Quinn and Noah to enter their daughters' life. Before they can, though, Quinn must clean herself up and return to her old, clean self. Noah drags her into Shelby's office during the show and at the picture of her daughter, Beth Corcoran, Quinn breaks into tears. Noah begs her to shape up so the two of them can see their child, but Quinn tells them that this is who she is, now. By the end of the episode Quinn's clean and returns to the Glee Club. When told he was proud of her by Noah, however, her intentions are to take her daughter back - even if that means faking who she is.

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